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Terran Counter To Zerg Doom Drop

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First the Terran must decide whether to counter and potentially start an elimination race, or to defend. In the vast majority of cases, it is wiser to defend than counter, since a Zerg will only lose a few production facilities (Hatcheries) and the Terran will, in a Doom Drop on the main, lose almost all of their own production facilities.

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Mid or late game Strategy
Starcraft: Broodwar


A Doom Drop is a drop that invests a large amount of units/resources for the purpose of eliminating or severely damaging a base (most commonly the Main Base) and/or bringing the Terran army back to defend. Zerg Doom Drops against Terran are much more uncommon than their Zerg versus Protoss counterpart because Terran units are much more efficient (therefore make it easier to defend, even with freshly trained units alone) as well as being easier to split forces in order to counter attack whilst defending. Also, because Terran bionic units are usually patrolling the map and attacking expansions all game, it is difficult for the Zerg to sneak a drop past. All this considered, Doom Drops still have the potential to be extremely dangerous due to the cluttered Terran base, as well as the Zerg's option of using Defilers (and thus Dark Swarm), making it extremely difficult for Terran to clear their base.


The key to defending against a Doom Drop is scouting - if the Doom Drop is revealed before the Overlords are in position, the Terran will usually have a good amount of time to prepare for the drop, as Overlords are quite slow. Also, turrets will help quite a bit with all Terran builds, but if a true Doom Drop occurs, a few turrets won't do much. The best way is to leave random SCVs in the way of key drop paths to warn you of impending drops.

Then, the counter depends on the Terran's build:

SK build: Good ideas include irradiating clumped Overlords while they are in transit, and making sure that the M&M are ready at possible drop positions before the drop begins. If Lurkers are allowed to drop and burrow in position before the M&M are in position, it will be very, very difficult to stop the drop. With the large amount of Vessels in the SK build, irradiating Overlords/dropped units is the best idea, with M&M support. Many times, you can send your Science Vessels back in order to assist in defense while continuing to attack with your main army while using your reinforcements to fight.

M&M with Tanks build: Position Tanks in Siege mode between buildings to make them harder to attack, and once again, try to scout the drop beforehand and prepare some Science Vessels for irradiate and detection. Tanks should be able to clean up anything that drops, since the units will probably be clumped up and vulnerable to splash damage.

Mech: Doom Drops are rarely seen when the Terran goes Mech because of the nature of Mech builds to include a large amount of Charon Boosted Goliaths, which with their high explosive air attack, rip the slow Overlords into pieces. However, should one occur, once again place Tanks between Factories/other buildings, and have Goliaths waiting to mop up any survivors of the Tank splash damage and punish any straggling Overlords.

In general, try to stop the drop either before or when it is in the process of dropping to prevent Defilers from casting swarm or Lings from razing your base. If you let the Doom Drop finish completely, it is often much more annoying to deal with. Early game drops will be small, in the form of a couple of Lurkers near your mineral line, while later drops will contain Lurkers/Lings and eventually Ultralisks/Defilers as well.

Zerg Reactions/Transition[edit]

Many times, large drops are meant to divert attention away from other attacks to Expansions or even your Natural. Be careful of that, though it is often hard for Zerg to benefit from this due to the efficiency of even a small group of Terran units. More often than not, however, a drop is meant to stall for time, usually something a desperate Zerg will try. Be aware of situations where a Zerg will attempt to Doom Drop in order to claw their way back into the game. A failed drop can be fatal for a Zerg, while a successful drop that destroys Supply Depots and Barracks can delay a Terran to the point of losing his advantage.

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