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Terran Counter to 10/15 Gate

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[e][h]TerranTerran Counter to 10/15 Gate
Counter Information
Starcraft: Broodwar

This article deals with Countering Protoss 10/15 Gate build as Terran. For the Protoss article on how to perform a 10/15 Gate build vs Terran, read 10/15_Gates_(vs._Terran).


10/15 Gate is a two Gate Goon-Rush Build Order. Because it is a Rush-Build, there is a possibility for Protoss to end the game early on, if the Terran is not able to defend properly. Definitely it allows Protoss to apply pressure from the very beginning of the game.

The Build is mostly used on maps without a ramp, or on a reverse ramp map such as Requiem, because the defender does not have the „high ground“ advantage.

The former eSTRO teammember (Protoss) Liquid'Nony has used the Build successfully in his first Courage appearance on the map Medusa vs Terran.

Signs that Protoss is possibly going for the 10/15 Gate Build are:

  • No initial Zealot
  • Two Gateways
  • Upgrade running on Cybernetics Core
  • Map has no ramp or a reverse ramp


Minute 10/15 Gate Siege Expand FD (Strong FD) 2 Fac
Gundam Rush // JoyO Rush
4:00 1 Goon 1 Marine 4 Marines (4 Marines) 3 Marines // 1 Marine
4:30 3 Goons 1 Marine, 1 Tank 5 Marines, 1 Tank (6-7 Marines, 1 Tank) 4 Marines, 1 Tank, 1 Vult // 1 Marine, 1 Tank
5:00 5 Goons 1 Marine, 1 Tank, Siege Mode 5 Marines, 1 Tank, 1 Vulture with Mines (8 Marines, 2 Tanks, 1 Vulture being built with Mines) 4-5 Marines, 2 Tanks, 2 Vultures (Mines) // 4Marines, 3 Tanks, Speed

How to defend vs 10/15 Gate[edit]

Siege Expand Opening[edit]

Mentality: Defensive.

The Terran Siege Expand Opening is one of the most used Openings in Terran vs Protoss. The Build is viable against 10/15 Gate, but the following must be strictly adhered to:

  1. Wall-in.
  2. Do not let the Goons break your Wall-in.
  3. Do not lose your initial Tank.

First Goon – 4:00
There is a small trick to confuse the first Goon in order to not pull SCV's off mining Minerals to repair the wall:
When the first Goon arrives at your natural, he will naturally attack your Marine. Move him back and forth to confuse the Goon. He will be dancing around, when the Protoss Player a-moved him and the Marine comes out of Range (and yet he has no Range Upgrade).
When the Goon is told to hold position, he will stop shooting your wall for some time, if the Marine moves qickly in and out of Range.

3 Goons – 4:30
At least by now, you have to pull three SCV's off mining Minerals in order to repair the wall. At this time, you will have just one Tank without Siege Mode Upgrade. It is of utmost importance to not lose this Tank, because then the Protoss will most likely destroy the wall and the game will be naturally over.
Prevent the Tank from being sniped and repair wall, Tank and SCV's with SCV's. Three SCV's are usually enough. When the Goons attack your wall, repair it with three SCV's. When the Goons focus fire on one SCV, repair it with the other two SCV's. When the Goons randomly attack more than two SCV's, pull them back, repairing each other, and so on.

5 Goons – 5:00
Siege Mode researches just in time, when Protoss possibly has 5 Goons. Siege up and make sure, your Sieged Tank has Range, but is out of Range of the Goons. Naturally the Protoss Player will retreat his forces now.

Once the second Tank is out, try to expand and build at least two Marines. For the case Protoss Goons are waiting outside of Sieged Tanks Range in your Natural, leapfrog your Tanks carefully, Wall-In your Natural with e.g. Barracks and eBay and scout immediately.
Scouting vs 10/15 Gate can be tough, because the Goons can wait outside the Terran's Base to prevent scouting at this point. If you are not able to scout expansion because of that threat, you have to count the numbers of Goons, which prevent scouting. If there are a lot more than five or additional Zealots, some sort of Bulldog-Attack is most likely.
When there are still 5 Goons or 3 Goons – when the Protoss had stopped producing Goons after 4:30 – that means he will either tech to DT / Reaver or expand. Following the normal Siege Expand Opening you will have builded up at least two Turrets now: One Main – one expansion.
If you are not able to scout with your SCV, follow up with Speed Vultures to scout and potentially harass or build a Starport to opt for Dropship-play, which can also be used for scouting.

Standard FD and Strong FD Opening[edit]

Mentality: Aggressive.

The Standard FD Opening is not recommended here. At 4:30 the Terran will have 5 Marines and 1 Tank vs 3 Ranged Goons. If the Protoss Player micros properly, the Marines will do virtually no damage and additionally the 1 Tank can be sniped easily, all because of the Range Upgrade. But if you scout the 10/15 Gate Opening, you can just follow up into Strong FD Terran Opening. At 4:30 the Terran will have 6-7 Marines and 1 Tank vs 3 Ranged Goons. The additional Marines will help to buy time until the second Tank (4:55) and the first Vulture with Mine Upgrade (5:15) come into play. It is essential - as in the Siege Expand Opening - to not lose your Tanks. They have the Range and the damage to deal with the Goons.
In terms of Micromanagement you have to make sure to move your force in a line, so that your units can shoot simultaneously do maximise the damage. Expand immediately after your first Vulture and move out as far as possible to put pressure on the Protoss in order to possibly scout his tech tree or to delay his expansion.

2 Fac[edit]

Mentality: Aggressive.

2 Fac Openings seem to the perfect counterpart of 2 Gate Protoss Openings. The intentions are to put pressure on the opponent as soon as possible and eventually ending the game.

There are a lot of variations that can be played:

2Fac Vultures
2 Fac Vulture Openings are not viable vs 10/15 Gate. The Wall-In is almost impossible to defend without any Tanks and it is very hard to sneak Vultures into the Protoss Base. On maps with ramps, Goons can easily block Terrans Choke. And even if the Terran Player manages to sneak Vultures through the small Goonarmy, they can block their front door with a wall of Pylons, as it is usually used to deny Vultures from harassing expansions.
Naturally Terran contains Protoss, but in case of 2 Fac Vultures vs 10/15 Gate there is a high possibility of containing the Terran, where the Protoss Player can expand or immediately tech to observers easily.

Gundam Rush
The Gundam Rush was originally designed to establish a situation, where Terran can either Rush his opponent due to 1 Gate Builds or to contain the Protoss in order to expand as quickly as possible while delaying his expansion. The Siege Mode Upgrade, which is an important factor of the Rush, makes the Terran Push vs 10/15 Gate weaker. Vulture Speed should be the better choice, because the Tank count in the early game is to low to provide an advantage with Siege Mode. Note that if you upgrade Speed after Mines instead of Siege Mode, this Build is almost the same as the (low) FD Opening.

JoyO Rush
JoyO's Build consists of a 4-5 Marines, 2-3 SCV's, 3 Tanks and rallied Vultures (with Speed and Mines) attack after the 5:00 Minute mark. It is a Counterbuild but you have to make sure to not lose a single Tank during the counterattack. While the Goons will attack the rallied Vultures to avoid being surrounded by Mines, the Marines and especially the Tanks will do quite a lot of damage and hopefully force the Protoss Player to build more Goons to defend, which will delay his expansion.