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Terran Counter to 2 Hatch Lurker

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This article talks about possible Terran counters to the 2 Hatch Lurker. For the article about performing a 2 Hatch Lurker against a Terran player see 2 Hatch Lurker (vs. Terran).

[e][h]TerranTerran Counter to 2 Hatch Lurker
Be prepared at your Natural for a Lurker/Ling Break attempt
Counter Information
Starcraft: Broodwar


The 2 Hatch Lurker Build is an aggressive Zerg build that uses early Lurkers and Terran's lack of early mobile detection to set up a contain and expand. Since the 2 Hatch Lurker Build does not threaten Mech versus Zerg builds significantly, this article will be under the assumption that the Terran is following the initial 1 Barracks FE Build, which is softly countered by the 2 Hatch Lurker Build.

Scouting the Build[edit]

As with any 2 Hatch build, the 2 Hatch Lurker build requires an early gas. Because of this, it's often easy to notice a Zerg going 2 Hatch. On rare occasions you can even keep your scouting SCV alive long enough to spot a Hydralisk Den being put down since it has to be put down well before the Lair has even finished. Regardless of whether the Zerg goes 2 Hatch Muta or 2 Hatch Lurker, the Terran should always get scans immediately after finishing the Academy upon spotting a 2 Hatch Build so that you can decipher which one it is. If you can not get into his base due to a 9 Pool opening or something similar, look out for early Zergling Speed, as a group of Speedlings often accompany 2 Hatch Builds.

Reaction to 2 Hatch Lurker[edit]

Once you are sure that the Zerg is following 2 Hatch Lurker, send your first group of Marines to his Natural both to force Sunken Colonies and also to temporarily contain his Lurkers. Be sure to scout the map in case he is hiding Hydralisks early on so that he can later morph Lurkers out of your sight. Although you should be able to stall the Lurkers/Lings that initially come out of the Zerg's base, don't over extend yourself because Terran does not usually have a large amount of units that early in the game. Instead, start 2 or even 3 Bunkers (if you saw a large amount of units) in your Natural along with a couple of Turrets at the front as you run your group of Marines back. If you do not Bunker up your Natural, the Zerg might choose to break your Natural and end the game early. Remember that the point of 2 Hatch Lurker is to allow Zerg to take a relatively early 3rd Expansion while containing you. Many times, Zergs will take the expansion before Lurkers have arrived because they have excess minerals. Be sure to scout in case this happens, and if it does, use your initial group to take out the expansion, but don't forget to set up a defense at your base as well. Also, be ready for the possibility that he will research drop soon after and drop your Main and/or Natural Expansion.


If you defended the initial attack or suffered no damage from his opening, then you are in good shape. Bide your time and wait for upgrades to finish and several Tanks before moving out. Feel free to add a second Factory as well. Be sure to scan his Main often in order to gauge when to move out (move out before his Hive, Defiler Mound, and Consume finish). If he stays on Lair for a long time, wait for a good amount of Tanks and 2-1 Upgrades to finish before moving out.

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