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Terran Counter to 2 Hatch Pressure

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[e][h]TerranTerran Counter To 2 Hatch Pressure
Breaking the Sunken Wall
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This article refers to possible Terran counters to 2 Hatch Pressure. For the Two Hatch Build see 2 Hatchery Mutalisks


Probably the most common opening for Zerg, a Two or Three Hatchery FE allows for a Zerg to pressure in early game as well as make the transition to mid game Tech effectively. During this build a Zerg is strong early in the early game, early in the mid game and late game. This article deals with stopping an early game harass and possibly countering with your own harass/contain.

Dealing With Early Harass[edit]

Because a Two or Three hatch build doesn't get Zerglings out as fast as a 9 pool Terran does not have to worry about being trapped in their base as much in early game. Most of the time early Zerglings from this build are either to scout for an expo or maybe trip up its timing a little bit. Once you can deal with the Zerglings at your natural you are free to expand, move out!

An Early Harass Of Your Own[edit]

If a Terran player is looking to pay back a Zerg for a contain, right after the academy tech is a great time. Zerg is not able to defend effectively against Marines and Medics with Tier 1 Tech out on the field and if a sizable force is available to pressure or even break the natural, Zerg will be forced to throw down Sunken Colonies. It is a great tool for Terran players to provide the threat of a harass at this point in the game as it will delay Zerg's movement to Tier 2 Tech and a Mutalisk harass. Once Zerg reaches Tier 2 however the party is over and a Terran will need to retreat if they don't attempt to break the natural in the early game.


An important part of early game TvZ is preparing to deal Mutalisk harass or Lurker contain. A Terran player who is ahead in early game would be wise to prepare defenses to prevent a Zerg from making up lost ground in Mid Game. If a Terran is behind after the Zergling contain however their best option is some sort of pressure early game so that they have time to build up for midgame Tech. Because of the mobility of the Zerg army midgame a double expansion build is not really possible for Terran players here. An important note about the transition: it is ideal for a Terran player to prepare their defense at the last possible moment before the midgame harass comes as money spent on Turrets early is better spent other places.


Terran counter to 2 Hatch Muta by Stylish -


Terran counter to 2 Hatch Muta by Stylish -


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