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Terran Counter to 4 Pool

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[e][h]TerranTerran Counter to 4 Pool
SCVs stall the Zerglings to get the first Marine out
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This article deals with Countering a Zerg 4 Pool as Terran. For the article about performing a 4 Pool see 4 Pool.


One of the most difficult things for players to deal with in StarCraft is an All-in build. The 4 Pool is no exception to this. Though not as powerful as it was pre-1.07 patch, the 4 Pool still remains an effective strategy today and has even been used to even win you an OSL.[1]


Defending a 4 Pool is mostly left to a Terran's ability to micromanage units. If the Terran player opted for a non-aggressive opening like a 1 Rax FE, early Zerglings will often arrive around the time the first Marine is building. There are variations on this timing in the event that a Zerg player attempts something like a 5 Pool, opting for a later Spawning Pool in order to have a significantly better (but still very bad) economy. In case of a wall-in with 2 Supply Depots and a Barracks, the last Depot will probably still be building making a breakthrough possible.

Defense Tactics[edit]

Defending a 4 Pool is somewhat of an uphill battle and there is no surefire way to counter it. If the Terran player is however able to fend off the 4 Pool s/he has basically won the game as the economic investment in a 4 Pool is not something that a Zerg player can climb back out of without enduring significant damage.

As soon as the Zerglings are scouted entering the Terran's base a Bunker should be build near the Terran player's Command Center and the majority of the SCVs should be used to defend the attack and protect the Marines on the way to the bunker (leave 3-4 SCVs to gather minerals).

Keeping the Marines alive is very important, because as long as they are alive, Zerglings will not automatically attack nearby SCVs, making it difficult for the Zerg player to inflict damage. Microing the SCVs to prevent the Zerglings from getting to the Marines is more effective than microing the Marines as SCVs have more health and Marines do more damage.

If the Zerglings get in melee range to the Marines it is advisable to move the Marines around the SCVs to increase the Marine's lifetime while the SCVs inflict damage to the chasing Zerglings.

If the Terran player does not opt for a wall-in, Supply Depots and Barracks should be build close to the Command Center. That way, a Bunker close to the Command Center also protects those buildings and the reinforcement route from Barracks to CC is kept short.


After fending off a 4 Pool there is often not much left to take the game for the Terran player. A good transition option is either to play it safe into a fast expansion build or straight infantry-based army composition (Sparks Terran) for an aggressive approach. However it is entirely possible that the opponent will leave the game after a successful defense.

Notable Games[edit]

Grand Line South Korea Terran Flash Flash opens 1 Rax FE and defends Jaedong's 4 Pool
South Korea Zerg Jaedong
Date: 2010-09-11
Patch: 1.16.1 VOD