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Terran Counter to DT Expand

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Dark Templar can cause problems
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This article talks about possible Terran counters to the Protoss DT Tech. For the article about performing a Dark Templar Expand against a Terran player see Protoss DT Fast Expand.


Unlike most opening match ups, Terran play against Protoss one base tech often leads to the Terran pressuring before their opponent. This can end up proving costly to lower level players, as the illusion of successful pressure often leads to excessive damage to their own economy. This article aims to assist players in dealing with fast Dark Templars and allow them to counter with pressure of their own. Protoss DT Tech is defined as a Protoss player fast teching to Tier 2 and pressuring with Dark Templars before the Terran can get detection. One should be suspicious of Protoss teching to DT when:

  • Protoss is opening with One Gateway
  • Cybernetics Core is not upgrading Dragoon range
  • There is a lack of early Zealot or a lack of Dragoon pressure
  • Protoss denies scouting by blocking a ramp or choke
  • You spot fewer Pylons than you have Supply Depots (indication of Proxy Pylon)

Dealing with a Harass[edit]

When engaging Dark Templar you can end up having a nearly impossible battle if you do not have detection. If you suspect that your opponent is attacking with some sort of DT build you can throw down a fast Academy or Engineering Bay. A normal fast DT tech Protoss produces a Dark Templar at around 5:10 minutes into the game. Templar Archives and Tank pop at the same time so Terran has about a minute to tech to detection. In the event that you do not reach detection there are a few micro-oriented tactics to kill Dark Templar:

  • As Spider Mines attack cloaked units you may mine the pathway to your base and or your choke with mines. Two mines that go off within 2 seconds of each other kill a DT, three are needed in case the DT regains his shield after the first hit.
  • Splash Damage still hits cloaked units. If a DT is attacking a building in the right place (The place on the front that the animation plays) Terran can attack their own buildings with siege tanks to kill DTs. You can also move SCVs next to the DT and have the Siege Tank force attack the adjacent SCVs to kill the Templar with the Tank's splash damage.

Dealing with a Drop Harass[edit]

If you suspect DT tech or Robotics Bay tech you must be prepared for a DT drop. You should have an Academy by the time the Protoss has a Robotics Bay and Templar Archives.


Because DT expand is not meant to severely disrupt Terran's economy Terran should match Protoss' expand and Transition into mid game play. Because Protoss has delayed their ability to produce Zealots and Dragoons, a 4-5 Factory timing push is a viable transition.