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Terran Counter to Early Protoss Pressure

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[e][h]TerranTerran Counter to Early Pressure
Walls help with early pressure
Counter Information
Starcraft: Broodwar

This article discusses possible Terran counters to the Protoss 2 Gate play. See 2 Gate Range for the article about performing a Reaver Build against a Terran player.


The most common opening in Protoss vs Terran is some sort of 2 Gate opening. This opening allows Protoss to apply early pressure in order to Fast Expand uninhibited. This can come as fast Zealots or fast Dragoons with Range. Both of these can prove difficult for Terran with the former arriving before Factory units pop and the latter out-ranging Terran's Marines. This article aims to remove the ambiguity from early pressure by Protoss. Signs that Protoss is going for a 2 Gate opening are:

  1. Upgrades running on the Cybernetics Core.
  2. More than two Zealots in Protoss's main or Zealots streaming into your base.
  3. Two Gateways.

Dealing With Pressure[edit]

Early pressure can be tough for Terran to deal with because early-game Terran units that are much weaker than their Protoss counterparts. Terran does have an advantage over the other races in that floating buildings allows them to wall off their choke. Walling provides an excellent alternative to traditional early defense and coupled with a Siege Expand makes for a solid opening against Protoss pressure. For those not comfortable with walling in or on maps where it would be impractical to do so, four marines and, in the case of Zealot pressure an SCV or two are generally enough to hold a ramp or choke until Factory Tech comes out.

When walled off against a 2 Gate Goon Range, you will need three SCVs to repair the wall. Have all three SCVs start repairing it, and when they come under fire, have the other two SCVs repair the one being shot at. Additional Dragoons, (if your Tank is not yet out,) will require additional SCVs, so it's important to get the Tank out as quickly as possible. Researching Siege Mode earlier then usual and using cliffs to your advantage is also a high priority. If you succeed in holding off the pressure and taking your natural expansion quickly and with relatively small losses, you will gain an economic edge over your Protoss opponent.


Once Terran is able to break Protoss's contain they are free to expand and transition into mid-game. Terran can then pressure until Protoss's Tier 2 Tech comes out.


UpMagic vs Free where UpMagic shows excellent micro defending his wall