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Terran Late Game Push vs. Protoss

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[e][h]TerranTerran Late Game Push Vs. Protoss
Technique Information


Terran Vs Protoss Late Game sees either Siege Tanks and Vultures pitted against Dragoons and Zealots or Goliaths against Carriers. This article pertains mainly to the former and goes over some general ideas about constructing and executing a late game push. The term "Late Game" refers to the last game phase of a match up where both players are running Tier 3 Tech and multiple bases.

Build Order[edit]

Late game play is not usually associated with any sort of supply counts for when buildings up. However there are a few things that a Terran should have once they are in full late game play:

  • Three Factories per expansion, one making tanks and the other Vultures
  • Armories running vehicle upgrades
  • Production for whatever support units Terran plans on using (Science Vessels, Dropships)

Pushing Out[edit]

Again, while late game timing is not an exact science - there are a few things that players should remember. The Terran Push has the advantage of being rock solid when it is up (Tanks are in Siege Mode, Vultures have laid Mines) while at the same time is hindered by the fact that it moves so slowly. With that in mind, some things to remember:

  • Push Slowly: The fastest way to end a push in failure is to try and move too quickly.
  • Counter, Don't Engage: Generally the person who makes the first move ends up getting killed when pushing. Don't run headlong into Dragoons.
  • Prevent Flanking: The best defense against flanking is not being right in the middle with both flanks open. Use terrain (such as sieging tanks next to walls) and mines so that Protoss cannot get around the push.
  • The general theory behind the push is that Tanks will leapfrog across the map as to always be able to have Tanks sieged up.


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