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The Gambit Cup

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[e][h]Twitch.TV Gambit's Cup
League Information
Prize Pool:
$1,010 USD
Start Date:
November 11, 2011
End Date:
April 29, 2012
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Players:


The second season of the Gambit's Cup was announced shortly after the bold success of it's debut season. With the unexpectedly large following the first league had, it was a guarantee that Gambit's Cup would attract important sponsors which it's predecessor had failed to conjure. Thus, the Twitch.TV Gambit's Cup was born with total prize money equating to $1010.

The league itself was set to start exactly one month after the first season in order to keep the hype from the original as, while the season went much better than expected, it had still been too small for people to truly remember it through a large downtime. And so, the Twitch.TV Gambit's Cup was released with a new, larger and more inclusive rule set encouraging professionalism among the teams as long as a massive regular season schedule.

What this meant for our fans was simply 21 weeks of endless entertainment every Friday and Sunday.


  • 9 weeks of Standard Gambit's Cup Matches. (November 11 - January 22)
  • All-Star Game (January 27)
  • 9 weeks of Gambit's Winner's League (February 3 - April 1st)
  • Top 6 Qualify for playoffs, 3-6 play in quarter final (April 6)
  • 1st and 2nd received a bye to the Semi-Final where they meet Quarter Final winners (April 13)
  • Grand Final in Best of 3 format (April 20 - April 29)


Master Sechedule
Week 1 Week 4 Week 7 Week 10 Week 13 Week 16
November 11th December 3rd January 7th January 30th February 20th March 12th
Gt <> dM PaiN <> Nb LRM <> Nb reps) <> Nb iFU <> reps) Gt <> LRM
LRM <> iFU Gt <> LRM reps) <> PaiN LRM <> dM Nb <> dM Nb <> PaiN
Nb <> iwL AoV <> dM iFU <> Gt PaiN <> AoV LRM <> PaiN AoV <> dM
November 13th December 5th January 9th February 1st February 22nd March 14th
sas <> PaiN iFU <> iwL iwL <> dM iFU <> sas AoV <> Nb sas <> reps)
reps) <> AoV sas <> reps) sas <> AoV Gt <> iwL sas <> iFU iFU <> iwL
Week 2 Week 5 Week 8 Week 11 Week 14 Week 17
November 18th December 10th January 14th February 6th February 27th March 19th
iFU <> dM iwL <> LRM reps) <> iwL iFU <> Nb LRM <> reps) iFU <> AoV
PaiN <> Gt Gt <> reps) Nb <> iFU PaiN <> dM iFU <> dM reps) <> dM
reps) <> LRM Nb <> AoV LRM <> AoV LRM <> AoV Gt <> PaiN Gt <> Nb
November 21st December 12th January 16th February 8th February 29th March 21st
AoV <> iwL iFU <> PaiN sas <> Gt sas <> Gt Nb <> sas sas <> LRM
sas <> Nb sas <> dM PaiN <> dM iwL <> reps) iwL <> AoV iwL <> PaiN
Week 3 Week 6 Week 9 week 12 Week 15 Week 18
November 26th December 17th January 21st February 13th March 5th March 26th
Gt <> Nb Nb <> reps) Nb <> dM Nb <> LRM iFU <> PaiN LRM <> iFU
reps) <> dM LRM <> dM reps) <> iFU Gt <> iFU reps) <> Gt Nb <> iwL
AoV <> iFU PaiN <> AoV LRM) <> PaiN reps) <> PaiN Nb <> AoV AoV <> reps)
November 28th December 19th January 23rd February 15th March 7th March 28th
LRM <> sas sas <> iFU Gt <> AoV iwL <> dM iwL <> LRM sas <> PaiN
PaiN <> iwL Gt <> iwL sas <> iwL sas <> AoV sas <> PaiN dM <> Gt
End of Regular Season


  • Total prize pool: $1010
    • 1st: $900
    • All-Star: $110


  • Sponsors:, Prowler, Nebopolis
  • Organization: Eywa-
  • Counter Abuse Team: zimp, Eywa-
  • Casting: Hacklebeast, L_Master and Sayle
  • Referees: Eywa-
  • Server: Fish


HacklebeastVODs LMasterVODs SayleVODs