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The fun-gaming pro team

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[e][h]The fun-gaming pro team
Team Information
Russia Zerg Plumbum / Russia Zerg Defi
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 4
Terran 5
Zerg 2
March 2011


The fun-gaming pro team (reps) team is one of the strongest foreign clans. Unlike other clans Reps focusses on talents within their own scene, instead of recruiting already well established players. The organisation and members of reps have close relations to and - the biggest Russian StarCraft Brood War portals. Since 2010 all offline LAN tournaments in Moscow and St. Petersburg have been won by reps) members.

The clan is split into two different rosters, the A-Squad featuring the best players, while the B-team is for mid-ranked players. This article will focus on the A-Team.


The team was founded by Plumbum in March 2011. The initial members were users of one of the oldest Russian community pages,, which is still one of the biggest Brood War fan sites. However, most parts of the forum discussions nowadays focus on non gaming related content. The Brood War Fans formed a new team around Plumbum, Defi and Largo. Each three are friends in real life and professional poker players. Plumbum and Defi sometimes chip in their money to organize show matches and touranments.

The team grew stronger in terms of members in the following months. Besides aaf.Ace and GoTunk all players speak Russian fluently. The clan consists of both oldschool veterans like Tama or Pro7ect and strong new players like Dewalt or Largo. Most of the Russians can be found on, where most of the high profiled players stream their training games.

Player Roster[edit]


Honorary Members[edit]

  • Belarus  Green
  • Russia  iloveGalya
  • Russia Ronin
  • Russia  Ananas
  • Russia seaostard
  • Russia CoCoK
  • Russia ProRok
  • Russia organ
  • Russia Deter
  • Russia Ayumi
  • Ukraine m3k
  • Russia saerjaaaa
  • Ukraine Luke


  • Reps' roster is almost identical with the Russian National Team of Altitude Nation Wars
  • The clan's philosophy is fair play
  • Ayumi is a girl

Team Achievements[edit]


Gambit Cup[edit]


  • Season 20