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Theleo_ua Showmatch

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[e][h]Theleo_ua Showmatch Series
Series Information
Reps Ru Media
Team Think Quick
Best of 9
Cumulative Prize Pool:
$ 0


The Theleo_ua Showmatch Series refers to a number of best-of-nine showmatches between mainly top foreign players, with every single map played and each worth an equal percentage of the total prize. The first six Theleo_ua showmatches each had a prize pool of $350. Each showmatch in this series uses the Classic Jeez Weekly 2021 Map Pool which consists of old-school maps from past WCGs and OSLs (2002 to 2010).

This kind of map pool may be unique for containing maps that heavily favor one race more so than another. The reason for this is because the map may have been imbalanced to begin with when it was made. For example, the map Gorky Island was known to heavily favor Terran. Or it may be because modern builds/techniques applied to an old map might make it imbalanced in the sense that it offers one race more or less strategic benefits. Such a map pool would be different from a map pool that consists of maps that are all seen as balanced (i.e., offering each race equal advantages and opportunities). Given this kind of map pool, then, showmatch players should strategically and carefully select maps that they believe will heavily favor their race or playstyle in order to help them secure more wins against their opponents, which makes the loser's map pick aspect of this series very important.


The first map drawn randomly by the host next is loser's choice.

#1 ~ 10 maps[edit]

Download map pack

#11 ~ 20 maps[edit]

#21 ~ 30 maps[edit]

#31 ~ 34 maps[edit]


Russia Rus_Brain, Russia Silver, Russia Dreamer


Ukraine  theleo_ua, & Team Think Quick


Tournament Statistics[edit]

Map Statistics[edit]


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