Titanes Del Ring Nation Wars

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[e][h]Titanes de Naciones
League Information
4 1v1 and 1 2vs2
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Format and Rules[edit]

  • 1. Maps for upcoming weeks are known in advance.
  • 2. You have almost a week to play your matches. No excuse for not being able to play a bo1 in that time. Special cases will be handled by the admins. Sub are allowed in 2v2.
  • 3. In case of unforeseen problems, the Administration has to be contacted immediately.
  • 4. Cheating in any way or form is strictly prohibited and may result in the ban of an entire team.
  • 5. Teams with 3 walkovers are banned.
  • 6. A walkover is failure to play 3 matches in a clan war.
  • 7. The TDR Administration reserves a right to modify these Rules.
  • 8. What makes you eligible to join a nation's team? Residency or citizenship. This will only be investigated if suspicions arise.


  • 1. Play begins on the 2nd of November. Swiss round robin formats for 12 weeks.
  • 2. Format: 4 1v1s 1 2v2, all bo1s
  • 3. All victories count as 1 point. An additional point is awarded to the winning team. e.g. 3-2 score is 4 and 2 points for winning and losing team, respectively. Note: Full CW Walk over is counted as +4 and -2 points.
  • 4. Odd number of teams so 1 will have a bye every week. A bye gives 3 points. (No longer relevant as one team dropped out)
  • 5. Top 8 teams make the playoffs.


  • 1. All captains should be registered in the TDR discord.
  • 2. Deadline is 22:00 Saturdays in Chile to report the replays to the admins. Only the winning team captain is required and it must be in a .rar file, not individual replays.
  • 3. Next week matches are reported shortly after.
  • 4. Lineups are due Sundays at 12:00 Chile (16:00 CEST), with match-ups released one hour or so after.


  • Complaints about wrong maps are not valid if the game has been already played. It's player's duty to use the correct map.

1v1 Maps[edit]

Overwatch Neo Sylphid Power Bond Gladiator Circuit Breaker
Overwatch Neo Sylphid Power Bond Gladiator Circuit Breakers

2v2 Maps[edit]

Othello God's Garden Python Sparkle
Othello God's Garden Python Sparkle.jpg

Prize pool[edit]

$200 USD + Donations via Matcherino.

Participating Nations[edit]

 Team Chile
 Team Peru
 Team USA
 Team Sweden
 Team Germany
 Team Costa Rica
 Team Russia
 Team Canada
 Team Norway
 Team Bolivia
 Team Chile-B
 Team Mex-B
 Team Pol-B
 Team USA-B
 Team Poland
 Team Czech
 Team Turkey
 Team EU
 Team Bulgaria
 Team Bolivia-B

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