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[e][h]Torch Up: Brood War AI Tournament
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Spacebeam community
1v1, Round Robin - Playoffs
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Torch Up: Brood War AI Tournament is a recurring annual online event that has been held yearly since 2020. It is currently organized by the Spacebeam community as annual FOSDEM side event (end of January/beginning of February).

The results of the tournament are presented at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium.


Compared with AIIDE/CIG/SSCAIT, it should be stressed that Torch Up:

  • Runs each bot within a Singularity container on Linux using WINE, as opposed to natively on Windows.
  • Has a greater focus on providing more widespread support for other programming languages (rather than limited support for other platforms than C++/Java on Windows) & platform/library ecosystems such as Linux & Python & Lua (rather than bot authors needing to be responsible for bundling standard packages/libraries/modules for e.g. Python or Lua as part of their bot).
  • The competition encourages but don't require the use of Linux and support of BWAPI wrappers for other languages than C++ and Java.

The tournament has native support for TorchCraft bots using both Python and Lua.

All bots play several round-robins, with a second stage or knock-out matches between the top 4.


  • Start Date
    • Monday January 27th
  • End Date
    • Friday January 31st

Format and Rules[edit]

1v1, many round-robin rounds, followed by single-elimination bracket playoffs. See the details and rules here.

Registration and Submission[edit]

See the deadlines, information and instructions here.


For further information about the maps, see the Rules page.

Bonus: Island Challenge[edit]

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