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[e][h]Random TreK
Player Information
Fredrik Nelson
January 8, 1985 (age 39)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
2003-12-?? — 2004-11-??
2005-03-?? — ????-??-??

Fredrik "TreK" Nelson was a random player for Sweden and member of the Templars of Twilight.

General Information[edit]

TreK was a player of the first generation of Sweden. After 2000 the random player entered several minor offline events near Stockholm and usually finished high or won the tournaments. As a consequence he was one of the first members of the Swedish national team and could be counted among the strongest European players. TreK's first major wins were gold medals in the young Dreamhack LAN events, he won the 2v2 tournament in 2002 and the individual tournament a year later. He also almost qualified for the WCG 2003, but lost in the qualifiers against Saft.

In late December 2003 TreK was caught hacking by WGTour's administration in a bigger online league shortly after he joined the rising German clan Templars of Twilight[1]. However, neither his new team, nor the Swedish national team kicked the player. The Swedish organizer Mazor argued that this was probably a one time mistake and that TreK already delivered proof of his high skill in various offline events[2]. A few days later more games were found in which TreK cheated and he was kicked by both the Templars and the Swedish team[3]. Ironically, TreK did not win any tournament he used hacks in, nor did he finish high.

In 2004 TreK only joined offline tournaments and continued to win without third party programs. He won the Dreamhack Summer individual tournament a second time and qualified as first place for the WCG 2004. In San Francisco, the random player advanced as second in his group, only dropping one game against his former teammate Mondragon. His streak ended a round later, when he was defeated by the German Protoss FiSheYe in an odd and intense series with a close 1-2. Especially his game on Martian Cross was notable, as both players traded their fast expansions with a Cannon- and Sunken Rush respectively. However, aside from the offline events TreK mainly focused on playing World of Warcraft. He consequently denied his nomination as player for Europe in the Mystery-Map Invitational.

In March 2005 TreK decided to participate competitively in the online community again and joined the Templars of Twilight for a second time. He defended his title as unofficial champion of the Dreamhack series in the same year by defeating old-school players like Gurram and rising talents like KaaZ. However, compared to his former strength the random player slowly started to fade and was often defeated in early stages of events.

The last premier tournament TreK did well in was Dreamhack Summer 2006. He was first beaten by Crow and then knocked out in the game for place four by DaZe. From then on TreK only played every now and then, again mostly focusing on online tournaments. His last meaningful finish in a event was his third place in the BW Night Event LAN 5 in June 2008 in Stockholm, in which he beat a number of Swedish A players before being defeated by ZpuX.


  • TreK did not chose random before the games, he picked his race. However, there was no fixed pattern, so he does not qualify as race picker.


2006-06-204thMajorDreamhack Summer 2006L : W-
2005-11-271stMinorDreamhack Winter 2005
Templars of TwilightTemplars of Twilight
3 : 1$744.12
2002-12-082ndMinorSwedish Gaming Open
Extended list of results
In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2008-06 3rd BW Night Event LAN 5 1 : 2 Protoss ZpuX N/A
2004-10-11 1st WGTour DLGamer Tournament 3 : 1 Zerg Breakdown $200
2004 1st WCG Sweden W : L Random TBA N/A
2004 1st Dreamhack Summer 2004 W : L Random TBA N/A
2003 1st Dreamhack Winter 2003 W : L Random TBA N/A
2002 1st Dreamhack Summer 2002 2v2 W : L Random TBA N/A
Complete results in every tournament


Notable Games[edit]

Martian Cross Germany Protoss FiSheYe Quite intense and exotic game from WCG 2004, Round of 32.
Sweden Zerg TreK
Date: 2004-09-10
Patch: 1.09 VOD