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Map Information
Jungle World
Spawn Positions:
8 at 2,3,5,6,8,9,11,12


Turbo was released on November 6th, 1998 as Blizzard's Map of the Week.[1]

It's intended to be played as an UMS map.



The Arclite Turbo Simulator 2000 is a rapidly moving fast-paced experience designed to overwhelm the user with action and excitement in order to gauge their maximum potential for success in battlefield assignments.

While engaging in ATS2000 operations, you may experience dizziness and/or confusion. Those users that are unable to keep pace with the extremely high speed of interaction are encouraged to disengage from the training -- unless, of course, you really feel like continuing.

Candidates that suffer from Mouse Clicking Deficiency Syndrome (MCDS) should avoid using the ATS2000 without the permission of proper UED Medical Corps personnel. Recommended Keirsey Temperament Profiles include: ENTJ / ENTP / ENFP

Prepare to engage simulation, and enjoy the ride.

End of Briefing.

Mission Objectives[edit]

- All units build much faster and cost much less.

- All Buildings build much faster and cost much less.

- Most Spells cost less to cast.

- All resources nodes have fewer resources in them.

- Towers do half damage.

Notable Features[edit]