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The 9 Minute Push has been the standard Terran counter to the 3 Hatch fast Hive play started by sAviOr. It is completely safe against all variations of 3 Hatch play, but the build should not be used against Zerg players that 2 Hatch. The 9 minute push is designed to hit the Zerg player before Defilers and Dark Swarm are able to come into play.

Build Order[edit]

Note: This build does not work against Zerg when they do not do the common 3 Hatch Hive build.

  • 9 Supply Depot
  • 11 Scout
  • 11 Barracks
  • 15 Supply Depot
  • 16-18 Command Center see note
  • 22 Supply Depot
  • 23 Refinery
  • 26 Barracks
  • 32 Academy
  • 37 Supply Depot
  • 38 Engineering Bay
  • 44 Supply Depot
  • Note: After this Supply Depot has finished, make that SCV repeatedly make Supply Depots after it finishes building this one.*
  • 45 Stim Pack Upgrade
  • 47 +1 Infantry Weapons Upgrade
  • 49 Factory
  • 51 Comsat Station x2
  • 53 Refinery
  • 60 Starport
  • 61 Machine Shop
  • Note:Scan the Zerg base, and prepare for Zerg's Lair Tech units. See Note
  • 73 Science Facility
  • 73 Engineering Bay
  • 75 Control Tower
  • 81 +1 Infantry Armour Upgrade
  • 85 +2 Infantry Weapons Upgrade
  • 85-88 Barracks x3
  • 95 Siege Mode Upgrade
  • See Note on Pushing Out

Notes and Build Order Clarification[edit]

Natural Expansion[edit]

The Command Center should be built either at the natural expansion or close enough to it that it can be easily floated over. If the Zerg player 9 Pooled, then the Command Center should be placed inside your main so it can be protected.

The timing of the Command Center varies depending on what you scouted from the Zerg player. If you scouted the Zerg player first and saw a 12 Hatch, a 16 Command Center before any Marines is completely safe. Otherwise, it's generally necessary to get a later Command Center, depending on what build the Zerg player is going for.

Adaptations to 3 Hatch Play[edit]

There are two main tech paths the Zerg player can attempt if you scout 3 Hatch: 3 Hatch Lurker and 3 Hatch Muta.

  • For Terran play against 3 Hatch Muta, see this article.
  • Against a 3 Hatch Lurker build, the Terran player should try to be as aggressive as possible with his initial MnM group. It is imperative to not get contained early on against a 3 Hatch Lurker build, or the Zerg player will be at an advantage. If the Zerg player attempts to slowly push his Lurkers up, play it like a Protoss, and constantly delay the Lurkers while they're trying to push towards your base.

Pushing Out[edit]

Scan before you move out. The proper time to move out is when you see the Hive building, so don't move out any sooner or later than that. If the Zerg appears to be staying on Lair tech for quite some time past your timing push, then the Zerg player might be going for a mass Lair tech unit midgame. In that case, the Zerg player will almost certainly have a fourth expansion. You need to be careful and not lose your army to a Lurker/Mutalisk/Zergling Flank. Instead, wait until you have 7 Siege Tanks and 3 Science Vessels along with your Marines and Medics then scan again to see if he has started his Hive yet. If he has, attack. If he hasn't still, then you should be able to roll over him or at least take your 3rd anyway.


The Supply count might be altered because of harass attempts by the Zerg. For precision, use the completion of various buildings, units, and upgrades to know when to start building what. Some common timings are as follows:

  • You maynard 7 SCVs from your Main to your Natural upon the completion of your Refinery.
  • You start your Engineering Bay upon the completion of your second Barracks.
  • You start your second Refinery after you build two Comsat Stations(which follow your Factory).
  • You start your second Engineering Bay at the same time as your Science Facility, to be able to start +2 Infantry Weapons when +1 finishes.

Countered By[edit]

Hard Counters[edit]

1 Hatch Lair > Lurkers or Mutalisks.

Soft Counters[edit]

2 Hatch Lair > Lurkers or Mutalisks.

Counter To[edit]

Hard Counters[edit]

None (no standard play anyways)

Soft Counters[edit]

Fast Hive Tech.

Notable Maps[edit]

The 9 Minute Push is good on nearly all modern maps, although there are some where the 9 Minute Push is less effective due to either terrain features or something of the sort. In general, maps with wide, open centers are perfect for the 9 Minute Push. If the map makes it hard to properly micro against MnM, then the 9 Minute Push is generally discouraged and Mech should be used instead.

Strong Maps[edit]

Weak Maps[edit]