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What I made[edit]

What I'm doing[edit]

Loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of player pages. Because it's fun, addictive, aesop is cool. It's still way better than doing Blizz maps. Poor Slugbreath.

What I may do[edit]

More MSLs

Player Page updates/Changes[edit]

I am quickly doing a first pass of all the players in the current individual leagues to update their recent status in proleague and OSL/MSL. After this I will do a second pass and bulk out the pages as much as possible with whatever results I can find. I know there are large fans who will do a better job than I on some pages, so if you see one I have done and you want to change it all, go right ahead! Hindsight: ROFL QUICKLY I SO DUMB. it should be noted that I did not write all of the text on these pages.

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