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To read about Psyonic Reaver's StarCraft II career, see PsyoniC.


Brent "Psyonic_Reaver" Schultz was a player/commentator of the late 2000's.


Brent is considered a "2nd Generation" YouTube commentator following Klazart, Diggity, and Moletrap in late 2007 with his first Cast being a brag game of a 2v2 in which he bests two hackers. He soon started following ProLeauge, OSL, and MSL matches and casting them, which lead to some recognition on and a position to cast Yankee League which lasted 3 seasons. This helped catapult his career as he was part of the casting crew of WCG USA 2008, Main StarCraft Caster of WCG USA 2009, and a part time StarCraft Caster of WCG USA 2010. He was also asked by Riot Games Inc. to MC their game "League of Legends" at PAX 2009. Brent has posted an autobiography of most of his exploits as a caster and a player in a blog on TeamLiquid.


  • Was inspired by Nick Tasteless Plott at Blizzcon 2007 and Dan Artosis Stemkowski to become a caster.
  • Part of the StarCraft Casting Crew at WCG USA 2008. (In-game Cameraman)
  • Head StarCraft Caster at WCG USA 2009.
  • Part time StarCraft Caster at WCG USA 2010.
  • Head Caster for League of Legends at PAX 2009.
  • Co-Caster with Kenny for the SC Invitational Tournament in 2009 and was a Co-Host with Kenny on the Brent and Kenny Show - VODs of the Show are available on PsyonicReavers YouTube.
  • Beat Machine once on Destination with proxy Gateways behind his natural which lead to non-stop ridicule from his teammates.
  • Clan Caster for Team LighT and posted KOTH videos on their YouTube Page.
  • Had a fierce/friendly rivalry with Cholera, a 3rd Gen YouTube commentator. Played a Bo3 to determine whom was the "best" player/commentator.
  • Old School player from aka ~NoHunters.
  • Started recording the exploits of the EG House or Nerd House as it was commonly called.
  • Fastest English Commentator after Klazart. Proof. More Proof.
  • First YouTube Spanish Commentary of the 2008 ProLeague Finals.


  • Reached an all time high of C+/B- in 2009 with his Protoss on Iccup. Not much of an achievement, but he worked really hard for it.


Notable Games[edit]

  • Feel free to browse his FPView videos.
  • PsyonicReaver vs RaGe in the TL vs SC2GG Grudgematch. Link.


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