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Sometimes known as Capt. Awesome, Riptide is a Liquipedia Editor. Known as both a gentleman and a scholar, he spends his time idling in #liquipedia.

Current Projects[edit]


  • PM 'riptide' on Team Liquid.
  • Ping 'riptide' on #liquipedia


Ghostclaw's eagerness to inform and entertain[edit]

<@ghostclaw> oh riptide
<@ghostclaw> i was talking about
<@ghostclaw> [QUOTE][B]On June 09 2009 00:14 Hammy wrote:[/B]
-!- ghostclaw [] has quit [Excess Flood]

Riptide's management style aka The Iron Fist[edit]

<@Aesop> [20:20] <Sunhay> i guess, but still
<@Aesop> [20:21] <Sunhay> i guess we should just ask riptide
<@Aesop> [20:21] <Sunhay> if he gives an ok
<@Aesop> [20:21] <Sunhay> ill do it
<@Aesop> slave
<@Aesop> :/
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