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[e][h]Rookie Teamleague
League Information
ICCup & Shieldbattery
Prize pool:
$60 and Faust's nudes
Start Date:
Number of Teams:


The Rookie Teamleague is an organized team league for new and average skilled players by SCC-Faust.

Casted by Ninazerg, Quickstriker, & Qikz.

Tournament Information[edit]


Each team will consist of 3 players (with two additional subs).

Teams will place their players to A map, B map, and C map - only one player per 1v1. (So it is not all-kill style)
Players who play in 1v1 matches may also partake in 3v3 and the team melee matches.

1v1 maps will be rotated EVERY WEEK and revealed 7 days before the matches are to be played.


  • Eligibility : Players may join the league if their current skill level of the race they enter as is roughly less than B- skill rank on ICCup.
    • As ICCup system is a very inaccurate measure of skill, there is no hard cut off for players who may hit B- as this could be drastically different from player to player depending on many factors (such as: The players they go against, whether they play MOTW, the volume they put in, etc). To give you a better picture of what is expected to be the skill level of players who enter the tournament, if you can hit B rank with above 50% win rate against other B ranked players, you are not eligible for this league.
  • Use of Players & Subs: Subs may play at ANY time. You can use all players on your roster during a match (ie. the sub can play in the BGH / Team Melee game even if he did not play in a 1v1 match) with the exception of players may only play ONE 1v1 match per week.
    • Teams will have to use their subs in instances where unplayable lag persists in Team Melee / BGH games. If a team has a player with a latency conflict and no subs are available, the other team may accept a 2v2 instead.
  • Scheduling: Teams who do not show up 30 minutes after the expected arrival time (3pm EST on Sundays) in channel ROOKIE on ICCup automatically lose all their matches for that week.
    • Games may be postponed or rescheduled at the opposing team's discretion as long as they don't interfere with another week's games.
  • Team Melee: All players must pick the same race on each team.
    • Teams have to use at least two players for their team melee match.
  • Banned Glitches & Bugs: Allied mines, stacked units, gas walk, shift-queue walking, and cargo glitch. These are the same as ICCup.

Player Roster[edit]

Whites and Chinks Shieldbattery
Holy Wheelbarrow Alliance
Dog Manner
Terran puppykiller Protoss f10eqq Zerg Ninazerg Protoss YummyBlaBla Zerg chilos Protoss EleGant[AoV]
Zerg Lumire Terran Scaramanga Terran Demurity Protoss xccam Terran zerochrome Protoss rxdg
Protoss Sushiknight Zerg AllAndArITY Protoss Ty2 Zerg Aicy Protoss Golondrin Terran Poetic[AoV]
Terran Snipin_Panda Terran Darkmatter ZergTerran idegelchik Protoss glaba Zerg snowfruit Terran littlebastard.
Zerg herbmon Protoss evileye Zerg cadenzie Zerg iopg Zerg Sigrun Zerg aiwekas
Protoss ArchdukeZeph Protoss Splax Terran hobbes ProtossTerran SCC-Faust

The Twin Towers of Zenithal Postmodern Practicality
Secret Forum Illuminati
StarKraft Mac&Cheese
Multitasking Rookies
Terran iNs.DNH Protoss Jealous Terran Metal[x] Zerg Agualung572 Zerg Radley
Zerg Artanis[xp] TerranProtoss FlaShFTW Protoss 2pacalypse- Zerg FailPat
Protoss RulzBoooM Zerg KatjaKean ProtossTerran Fazers Random Crypherz Protoss CatsPaw
Terran DsT-Napoleon Zerg GenJi_ Zerg Kororo Protoss Finnmastaflex Zerg S.A-Yeti
Protoss Tolstoi Terran Qikz ProtossZerg sero Terran Bestduck Terran zergneedsfood
Protoss flying[eMg] Terran Dazed Protoss babo
Terran Stardom

Team Standings[edit]

Round Robin Standings
1. Holy Wheelbarrow Alliance 7-0
2. The Twin Towers of Zenithal Postmodern Practicality 6-1
2. PewPew 6-1
3. Whites and Chinks 5-2
3. Multitasking Rookies 5-2
4. AoV 4-3
5. Dog Manner 3-4
5. Shieldbattery 3-4
6. Momo 2-5
7. Secret Forum Illuminati 1-6
8. StarKraft Mac&Cheese 0-7