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Gabriel "StOry" Jaramillo, is a Mexican ZerG player who is currently playing for Valhalla Team.

StOry is known for his adaptative style of play, even during the mid-late Game. He usually prefers to use Tech than Mass, taking full advantage enemy weaknesses, using mind games and take advantage of very small mistakes of his opponents, Early preassure is always a common with this style.

In StarCraft:BW scene he participated since 2004, assisting multiple tournaments like WCG 2005 Reaching top 16, and WCG 2008 Top 4. Active Member of Mexico Team B National as Captain and Mexico A National Team as Player, during since 2006.

During that period of Time, one of his keystones of his level was being part of uT) with Arijan, and then migrated to SW (Answers World), then arriving to Team Bio, which happened to be his Team since mid 2006 till 2008 when he retired from the scene.

During StarCraft II, he participated in Multiple Tournaments like GameGune Arena reaching Top 16 from 128 Players, losing Against JimRising 2-1, Mexico eSports Welcome Cup reaching 3rd Place, losing in semifinals against JimRising 2-1.

Now is part of Valhalla Team, where he has more admin responsabilities building a Website for the StarCraft LatinAmerican Community, and sponsoring Tournaments.

Here are some of the Tournaments where he participated.


  • Mexico  Story: WCG Mexico 2006 Top 16


  • Mexico  Story: WCG Mexico 2008 3rd Place


  • Mexico  Story: GameGune Ciudad de Mexico Top 16


  • Mexico  Story: xGsStory LAN Chihuahua Starcraft II
  • Mexico  Story: xGsStory eSports Mexico Beta Welcome Cup 3rd Place (StarCraft II)
  • Mexico  Story: xGsStory eSports Mexico Challenger Cup 2nd Place (StarCraft II)
  • Mexico  Story: xGsStory eSports Mexico MasterCup Cup 2nd Place (StarCraft II)
  • Mexico  Story: xGsStory Liga Mexicana StarCraft II top 4 (StarCraft II)