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[e][h]W-Mode Plugin
Tool Information
StarCraft: Brood War
Current Version:
* W-Mode 1.02

W-Mode is a BWL4 Plugin which can be used with various launchers including Chaoslauncher and mca64Launcher. It starts StarCraft in windowed mode and supports every version of StarCraft.


  • Start StarCraft in a window
  • Lock the cursor inside the windows while playing
  • Window settings like always-on-top, prevent window moving, minimizing
  • Scale to double the native resolution (640x480 => 1280x960) with no interpolation (new in 1.02)


From left to right, the buttons are:

  1. Lock cursor inside the window
  2. Double the resolution
  3. Prevent the window from being moved
  4. Always on top
  5. Minimize
  6. Close

Keyboard Shortcuts[edit]

Alt + F1         Confines the mouse cursor to the StarCraft window. Note: it only works while in game, so while you're in you can still scroll out of the StarCraft window.
Alt Holding down this key temporarily inverts the state of cursor lock.
Alt + F9 Toggle doublesize mode.
Alt + F10 Enables/disables moving the StarCraft window.
Alt + F11 Turn on/off always-on-top mode.
Alt + F12 Enables/disables all buttons on the caption of the sc window.


  • Using w-mode helps when recording StarCraft videos - It avoids the strange colour problems that can sometimes effect normal recordings.
  • Double size mode may cause mouse lag if CPU Throttling is enabled.

External Links[edit]

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