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The WGTour ( was a fanpage for StarCraft Brood War from 2001 until 2010. It featured a popular global ladder system, players from all over the world participated. WGTour was created by Eki and Onurb. WGTour was one of the most popular Broodwar websites at it's time.


WGTour (World Gaming Tour) was launched in 2001 by Eki and Onurb, initially it was only available in French language but quickly developped its English section, which became prominent around 2003-2004. On top of those languages, WGTour slowly evolved to include a full translation admin team providing news and the various rules in up to 8 languages. There were also various forum subsections for each language. When Warcraft 3 was released, WGTour hosted a wc3cl but over time the two parts of the site split up.

Ladder System[edit] had a working ladder similar to PGTour, for both 1v1 and 2v2. At its peak, it attracted all the best foreign players as well as several Korean players. As some point around 2007, the ladder experienced severe technical issues that were never fully fixed, and ICCup took over as the biggest foreign BW ladder system. eventually abandonned the ladder and focused on its famed Clan League and its Nation Wars. The ladder worked by players submitting their replays to the site. The lowest rank was C6 and the highest A, later split into A1-A2 and A3.

Clan League[edit]

WGTour was famous for its clan league, featuring up to 4 tiers at its peak. The format was as follows: Division 1 was fighting for the title, the team with the most points being the winner while the bottom 4 teams would drop down to division 2. Division 2 was split into 2A and 2B with 10 teams each, the bottom 4 being relegated to Division 3 at the end of the season and the top two advanced to compete in Division 1. In the same way, there were 4 Division 3: 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D and finally up to 8 Division 4, based on the number of teams registering for a given season.

On top of that, ran some Cups, which were a single or double bracket tournaments for clans to participate in, the rules varied for each event but would often see only the division 1 and 2 teams competing.

Nation Wars[edit] used the database built in for clans to expand to National Teams. Each country could have up to two teams, A and B, and could use the site to organise Nation Wars. Overtime the popularity of Nation Wars grew and a dedicated admin team was added to the WGTour staff, mostly comprised of admins already involved in other parts of the site. organised several Nation Leagues too,using the same format as the Clan Cups.

Additional Media[edit]