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[e][h]Protoss WapoolD
Player Information
Alexander Jhon Quispe Janampa
May 28, 1993 (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
Dyna, Wapool
Approx. Total Winnings:


WapoolD is a Peruvian Protoss player. Dyna has achieved a max MMR of 2600.[citation needed]


Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 111 77 34 69.4 %
vs T 72 37 35 51.4 %
vs Z 76 45 31 59.2 %
All 264 162 102 61.4 %


2022-08-061stMinorTournament of Legends Season 2: Ayacucho QualifierTournament of Legends Season 2: Ayacucho Qualifier3 : 0$108.60
2022-06-012ndMinorTournament of Power Season 10 : 4$57.02
2022-01-073rdMinorPerú StarCraft League 2Perú StarCraft League 23 : 0$80
2021-12-231stWeek. (Min.)Torneo Semanal de StarCraft #20Torneo Semanal de StarCraft #20
2021-09-073rdMajorMovistar LPG Season 5Movistar LPG Season 53 : 1$100
2021-07-245th - 8thMajorDeathfate Pro League 2Deathfate Pro League 21 : 3$40.82
2021-04-033rdMinorPerú StarCraft League 1Perú StarCraft League 13 : 1$80
2020-06-073rdQual. (Maj.)RCG 2020: Remastered, WW Qualification
2020-05-311stShowm. (Min.)TDR NA vs. SATDR NA vs. SA1 : 1$52.10
2020-05-103rd - 4thMinorTDR Liga SudamericanaTDR Liga Sudamericana2 : 3$66.03
Extended list of results

Earnings Breakdown[edit]