Weekly Tournaments

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Weekly Tournaments are tournaments that occur regularly and most often as weekly events.

Weekly Tournaments[edit]


Dec 25Dec 25BW Jeez Weekly 139$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Dec 18Dec 18BW Jeez Weekly 138$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Dec 11Dec 11BW Jeez Weekly 137$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Dec 4Dec 4BW Jeez Weekly 136$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Nov 27Nov 27BW Jeez Weekly 135$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Nov 20Nov 20BW Jeez Weekly 134$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Nov 13Nov 13BW Jeez Weekly 133$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Nov 6Nov 6BW Jeez Weekly 132$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Oct 30Oct 30BW Jeez Weekly 131$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Oct 23Oct 23BW Jeez Weekly 130$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Oct 16Oct 16BW Jeez Weekly 129$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Oct 9Oct 9BW Jeez Weekly 128$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Oct 2Oct 2BW Jeez Weekly 127$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Sep 25Sep 25BW Jeez Weekly 126$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Sep 18Sep 18BW Jeez Weekly 125$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Sep 11Sep 11BW Jeez Weekly 124$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Sep 4Sep 4BW Jeez Weekly 123$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 28Aug 28BW Jeez Weekly 122$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 21Aug 21BW Jeez Weekly 121$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 7Aug 7BW Jeez Weekly 120$90 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 31Jul 31BW Jeez Weekly 119$90 OnlineRussia  DewaltSouth Korea  Scan
Jul 24Jul 24BW Jeez Weekly 118$908 OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  Gosudark
Jul 17Jul 17BW Jeez Weekly 117$90 OnlineSouth Korea  BishOpPeru  Gosudark
Jul 10Jul 10BW Jeez Weekly 116$908 OnlineSouth Korea  BishOpPeru  Dandy
Jul 3Jul 3BW Jeez Weekly 115$9014 OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  Dandy
Jun 19Jun 19BW Jeez Weekly 114$9011 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  GRIMEBOSS
May 29May 29BW Jeez Weekly 113$9013 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
May 22May 22BW Jeez Weekly 112$907 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPeru  Gosudark
May 15May 15BW Jeez Weekly 111$9011 OnlineSouth Korea  BishOpPeru  Dandy
May 8May 8BW Jeez Weekly 110$909 OnlineRussia  g0rynichSouth Korea  BishOp
May 1May 1BW Jeez Weekly 109$8012 OnlineSouth Korea  BishOpNorth Macedonia  OctZerg
Apr 24Apr 24BW Jeez Weekly 108$9011 OnlinePeru  DandyRussia  Scout
Apr 17Apr 17BW Jeez Weekly 107$9013 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  BishOp
Apr 10Apr 10BW Jeez Weekly 106$9020 OnlineSouth Korea  BishOpSweden  vOddy
Apr 3Apr 3BW Jeez Weekly 105$9021 OnlineSouth Korea  BishOpRussia  Dewalt
Mar 27Mar 27BW Jeez Weekly 104$9023 OnlineSouth Korea  BishOpPeru  Dandy
Mar 20Mar 20BW Jeez Weekly 103$9018 OnlineNorth Macedonia  OctZergRussia  GRIMEBOSS
Mar 13Mar 13BW Jeez Weekly 102$9012 OnlinePoland  BonythRussia  g0rynich
Mar 6Mar 6BW Jeez Weekly 101$9017 OnlineHungary  SzikyUnited States  Ty2
Feb 27Feb 27We are Legends #56$46225Czech Republic OnlineCzech Republic  dOllaRCzech Republic  w0nder


Dec 27Dec 27BW Jeez Weekly 100$10033 OnlineSouth Korea  SpireSouth Korea  ZeLoT
Dec 20Dec 20BW Jeez Weekly 99$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Dec 13Dec 13BW Jeez Weekly 98$100 OnlinePeru  DandyPeru  Gosudark
Nov 22Nov 22BW Jeez Weekly 95$100 OnlineSouth Korea  By.SpireSouth Korea  Scan
Nov 15Nov 15BW Jeez Weekly 94$100 OnlineRussia  DewaltPoland  Bonyth
Nov 8Nov 8BW Jeez Weekly 93$100 OnlinePeru  GosudarkRussia  Dewalt
Nov 1Nov 1BW Jeez Weekly 92$100 OnlineSouth Korea  BishOpSouth Korea  Shy
Oct 25Oct 25BW Jeez Weekly 91$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPeru  TerrOr
Oct 18Oct 18BW Jeez Weekly 90$100 OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGSouth Korea  By.Spire
Oct 11Oct 11BW Jeez Weekly 89$100 OnlineSouth Korea  By.SpireSouth Korea  Parfume
Oct 4Oct 4BW Jeez Weekly 88$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Casper
Sep 27Sep 27BW Jeez Weekly 87$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  ZeLoT
Sep 20Sep 20BW Jeez Weekly 86$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  Parfume
Sep 6Sep 6BW Jeez Weekly 85$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  Parfume
Aug 30Aug 30BW Jeez Weekly 84$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  Parfume
Aug 23Aug 23BW Jeez Weekly 83$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTSouth Korea  Parfume
Aug 16Aug 16BW Jeez Weekly 82$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTSouth Korea  Scan
Aug 2Aug 2BW Jeez Weekly 81$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumeSouth Korea  ZeLoT
Jul 26Jul 26BW Jeez Weekly 80$200 OnlineRussia  DewaltSouth Korea  Scan
Jul 19Jul 19BW Jeez Weekly 79$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumeSouth Korea  Scan
Jul 12Jul 12BW Jeez Weekly 78$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Jul 5Jul 5BW Jeez Weekly 77$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTRussia  Casper
Jun 28Jun 28BW Jeez Weekly 76$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumeRussia  Lamozerg
Jun 21Jun 21BW Jeez Weekly 75$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ShinePoland  TrutaCz
Jun 14Jun 14BW Jeez Weekly 74$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Jun 7Jun 7BW Jeez Weekly 73$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTSouth Korea  Scan
May 31May 31BW Jeez Weekly 72$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  Parfume
May 24May 24BW Jeez Weekly 71$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  ZeLoT
May 17May 17BW Jeez Weekly 70$100 OnlinePeru  DandySouth Korea  ZeLoT
May 10May 10BW Jeez Weekly 69$100 OnlineRussia  DewaltPoland  Bonyth
May 3May 3BW Jeez Weekly 68$171 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Lamozerg
Apr 26Apr 26BW Jeez Weekly 67$100 OnlineRussia  DewaltSouth Korea  Zelot
Apr 19Apr 19BW Jeez Weekly 66$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Apr 12Apr 12BW Jeez Weekly 65$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTPoland  Bonyth
Apr 5Apr 5BW Jeez Weekly 64$221 OnlineRussia  DewaltSouth Korea  Scan
Mar 29Mar 29BW Jeez Weekly 63$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  Parfume
Mar 22Mar 22BW Jeez Weekly 62$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumeSouth Korea  BishOp
Mar 15Mar 15BW Jeez Weekly 61$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  ChaeLyn
Mar 8Mar 8BW Jeez Weekly 60$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Mar 1Mar 1BW Jeez Weekly 59$171 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumeSouth Korea  Scan
Feb 23Feb 23BW Jeez Weekly 58$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  Parfume
Feb 16Feb 16BW Jeez Weekly 57$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumeBulgaria  NeMu
Feb 9Feb 9BW Jeez Weekly 56$100 OnlineRussia  DewaltSouth Korea  Scan
Feb 2Feb 2BW Jeez Weekly 55$171 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumeSouth Korea  Scan
Jan 26Jan 26BW Jeez Weekly 54$100 OnlinePoland  TrutaCzPeru  TerrOr
Jan 19Jan 19BW Jeez Weekly 53$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  ZeLoT


Dec 29Dec 29BW Jeez weekly 52$80 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTSouth Korea  Scan
Dec 22Dec 22BW Jeez weekly 51$80 OnlineRussia  g0rynichBelgium  EOnzErG
Dec 15Dec 15BW Jeez weekly 50$79 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  Bonyth
Dec 8Dec 8BW Jeez weekly 49$78 OnlinePeru  TerrOrRussia  g0rynich
Dec 1Dec 1BW Jeez weekly 48$147 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTSouth Korea  Parfume
Nov 24Nov 24BW Jeez weekly 47$78 OnlineRussia  g0rynichSouth Korea  Parfume
Nov 17Nov 17BW Jeez weekly 46$78 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTPoland  Bonyth
Nov 10Nov 10BW Jeez weekly 45$78 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineSouth Korea  Scan
Nov 3Nov 3BW Jeez weekly 44$148 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineSouth Korea  Parfume
Oct 27Oct 27BW Jeez weekly 43$78 OnlinePoland  BonythSouth Korea  Scan
Oct 20Oct 20BW Jeez weekly 42$78 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Oct 6Oct 6BW Jeez weekly 40$146 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  Bonyth
Sep 29Sep 29BW Jeez weekly 39$77 OnlineRussia  DewaltSouth Korea  Scan
Sep 22Sep 22BW Jeez weekly 38$78 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumePoland  TrutaCz
Sep 15Sep 15BW Jeez weekly 37$77 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumePeru  TerrOr
Sep 8Sep 8BW Jeez weekly 36$75 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPeru  TerrOr
Sep 1Sep 1BW Jeez weekly 35$142 OnlinePoland  TrutaCzRussia  Dewalt
Aug 25Aug 25BW Jeez weekly 34$75 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineSouth Korea  Parfume
Aug 18Aug 18BW Jeez weekly 33$75 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  Zelot
Aug 11Aug 11BW Jeez weekly 32$76 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  ZeLoT
Aug 4Aug 4BW Jeez weekly 31$145 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineSouth Korea  Scan
Jul 28Jul 28BW Jeez weekly 30$79 OnlinePoland  BonythRussia  Dewalt
Jul 21Jul 21BW Jeez weekly 29$79 OnlineSouth Korea  ParfumePoland  trutaCz
Jul 14Jul 14BW Jeez weekly 28$82 OnlinePoland  BonythSouth Korea  Scan
Jul 7Jul 7BW Jeez weekly 27$149 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  g0rynich
Jun 30Jun 30BW Jeez weekly 26$79 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  ZeLoT
Jun 23Jun 23BW Jeez weekly 25$79 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  ZeLoT
Jun 16Jun 16BW Jeez weekly 24$77 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTPoland  Bonyth
Jun 9Jun 9BW Jeez weekly 23$76 OnlinePoland  BonythSouth Korea  Scan
Jun 2Jun 2BW Jeez weekly 22$145 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTSouth Korea  Scan
May 26May 26BW Jeez weekly 21$77 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
May 19May 19BW Jeez weekly 20$77 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanUkraine  Marwin
May 12May 12BW Jeez weekly 19$76 OnlineRussia  g0rynichRussia  LancerX
May 5May 5BW Jeez weekly 18$145 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineSouth Korea  ZeLoT
Apr 28Apr 28BW Jeez weekly 17$84 OnlineSouth Korea  ShinePoland  Bonyth
Apr 21Apr 21BW Jeez weekly 16$78 OnlineSouth Korea  ShinePeru  TerrOr
Apr 14Apr 14BW Jeez weekly 15$77 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTRussia  G0rynich
Apr 7Apr 7BW Jeez weekly 14$145 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineRussia  Lancerx
Mar 31Mar 31BW Jeez weekly 13$77 OnlinePeru  TerrOrSouth Korea  Shine
Mar 24Mar 24BW Jeez weekly 12$77 OnlinePeru  DandyRussia  Dewalt
Mar 17Mar 17BW Jeez weekly 11$80 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineRussia  Dewalt
Mar 10Mar 10BW Jeez weekly 10$99 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineRussia  Dewalt
Mar 3Mar 3BW Jeez weekly 9$179 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineBelgium  EOnzErG
Feb 24Feb 24BW Jeez weekly 8$103 OnlineBelgium  EOnzErGRussia  G0rynich
Feb 17Feb 17BW Jeez weekly 7$149 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineRussia  G0rynich
Feb 10Feb 10BW Jeez weekly 6$75 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineSouth Korea  Parfume
Feb 3Feb 3BW Jeez weekly 5$158 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTPeru  TerrOr
Jan 27Jan 27BW Jeez weekly 4$164 OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  Dandy
Jan 20Jan 20BW Jeez weekly 3$94 OnlineSouth Korea  ShinePoland  TrutaCz
Jan 13Jan 13BW Jeez weekly 2$8725 OnlinePeru  DandyBelgium  EOnzErG
Jan 6Jan 6BW Jeez weekly 1$352 OnlineSouth Korea  ZeLoTRussia  Dewalt


Feb 18Feb 18Clash for Char #16$13013 OnlinePeru  TerrOrPoland  ZZZero
Jan 27Jan 27Clash for Char #15$13522 OnlineRussia  DewaltSouth Korea  Richly
Jan 7Jan 7Clash for Char #14$14125 OnlinePeru  DandyPeru  TerrOr
Jan 6Jan 6OSC SC:R Open #14$5012South East Asia OnlineSouth Korea  RichlyUnited States  Ty2


Dec 23Dec 23Clash for Christmas$145 OnlineSouth Korea  MIsOSouth Korea  Richly
Dec 22Dec 22OSC SC:R Open #13$5012South East Asia OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Dec 8Dec 8OSC SC:R Open #12$1006South East Asia OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPeru  TerrOr
Dec 2Dec 2ESL SC Remastered Cup #15$235Europe OnlineRussia  ExRussia  Dewalt
Dec 1Dec 1OSC SC:R Open #11$508South East Asia OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPeru  TerrOr
Dec 1Dec 1Clan SK Weekly #20$010 OnlinePeru  [SK]TerrOrSouth Korea  [SK]Magician
Nov 26Nov 26Clash for Char #12$236 OnlineSouth Korea  MIsOSouth Korea  Scan
Nov 25Nov 25Team Liquid Open #7$200 OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  Dandy
Nov 25Nov 25ESL SC Remastered Cup #14$23Europe OnlineHungary  nonPoland  ZZZero
Nov 24Nov 24Clan SK Weekly #19$6022 OnlineSouth Korea  [SK]MagicianPeru  [SK]TerrOr
Nov 19Nov 19Clash for Char #11$15927 OnlineSouth Korea  RichlyBelgium  eOnzErG
Nov 18Nov 18Team Liquid Open #6$200 OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGRussia  Spx
Nov 18Nov 18ESL SC Remastered Cup #13$236Europe OnlineSweden  merzHungary  non
Nov 17Nov 17OSC SC:R Open #10$5010South East Asia OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGRussia  Dewalt
Nov 17Nov 17Clan SK Weekly #18$6118 OnlinePeru  [SK]TerrOrChile  dM-Tech
Nov 12Nov 12Clash for Char #10$16522 OnlineSouth Korea  MIsOGermany  Cryoc
Nov 11Nov 11Team Liquid Open #5$200 OnlinePoland  BonythPoland  trutaCz
Nov 11Nov 11ESL SC Remastered Cup #12$2315Europe OnlineBulgaria  WallaceSweden  merz
Nov 10Nov 10Clan SK Weekly #17$8025 OnlineRussia  DewaltNorway  Liquid`Drone
Nov 5Nov 5Clash for Char #9$11329 OnlineRussia  DewaltNorway  Eriador
Nov 3Nov 3OSC SC:R Open #9$5010South East Asia OnlineRussia  DewaltPoland  trutaCz
Nov 3Nov 3Clan SK Weekly #16$5023 OnlinePeru  SouL)T(DandyPoland  iFU.Tt
Oct 29Oct 29Clash for Char #8$15632 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineeSouth Korea  MIsO
Oct 28Oct 28Team Liquid Open #4$200 OnlinePoland  trutaCzRussia  Lancerx
Oct 28Oct 28ESL SC Remastered Cup #11$2313Europe OnlineRussia  DewaltRussia  Ex
Oct 27Oct 27OSC SC:R Open #8$10010South East Asia OnlineSouth Korea  ScanKazakhstan  Gargoyle
Oct 27Oct 27Clan SK Weekly #15$7926 OnlinePeru  TerrOrCanada  DragOn
Oct 23Oct 23OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #10$398South East Asia OnlineIndonesia  QuantelVietnam  ZealotSouL
Oct 22Oct 22Clash for Char #7$14231 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineePeru  TerrOr
Oct 21Oct 21Team Liquid Open #3$200 OnlinePoland  BonythPeru  TerrOr
Oct 21Oct 21ESL SC Remastered Cup #10$23Europe OnlineGermany  CryocGermany  Zarrr
Oct 20Oct 20Clan SK Weekly #14$5526 OnlineUnited States  Ty2Canada  DragOn
Oct 16Oct 16OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #9$3910South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireIndonesia  Quantel
Oct 14Oct 14Team Liquid Open #2$200 OnlineUnited States  Ty2Russia  Dewalt
Oct 14Oct 14ESL SC Remastered Cup #9$239Europe OnlineUkraine  MarwinHungary  non
Oct 13Oct 13OSC SC:R Open #7$10012South East Asia OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  TerrOr
Oct 9Oct 9OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #8$387South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireAustralia  iNcoGNiTo
Oct 7Oct 7Team Liquid Open #1$200 OnlineRussia  NotforuBelgium  eOnzErG
Oct 7Oct 7ESL SC Remastered Cup #8$2321Europe OnlineGermany  BakuryuRussia  Lancerx
Oct 6Oct 6OSC SC:R Open #6$10012South East Asia OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGRussia  Dewalt
Oct 6Oct 6Clash for Char #6$20034 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineeKazakhstan  Gargoyle
Oct 6Oct 6Clan SK Weekly #12$5528 OnlineCanada  DragOnPeru  TerrOr
Oct 2Oct 2OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #7$3910South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireSingapore  Glow
Sep 30Sep 30OSC SC:R Open #5$10013South East Asia OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Sep 30Sep 30ESL SC Remastered Cup #7$234Europe OnlineBelarus  SpinalRussia  Bylat
Sep 29Sep 29Clan SK Weekly #11$9540 OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  TerrOr
Sep 25Sep 25OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #6$3911South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireAustralia  iNcoGNiTo
Sep 23Sep 23Clash for Char #5$141 OnlineSouth Korea  ShineePeru  TerrOr
Sep 23Sep 23ESL SC Remastered Cup #6$2313Europe OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGSweden  Naugrim
Sep 22Sep 22OSC SC:R Open #4$10010South East Asia OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Sep 18Sep 18OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #5$394South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireSingapore  Glow
Sep 16Sep 16Clash for Char #4$8330 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanUnited States  Ty2
Sep 16Sep 16ESL SC Remastered Cup #5$23Europe OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGFrance  KenZy
Sep 15Sep 15OSC SC:R Open #3$1008South East Asia OnlineRussia  DewaltRussia  Lancerx
Sep 15Sep 15Clan SK Weekly #10$5525 OnlinePeru  TerrOrRussia  Skillz0r
Sep 11Sep 11OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #4$406South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireAustralia  WinHouse
Sep 9Sep 9Clash for Char #3$5633 OnlineSweden  NaugrimBelgium  eOnzErG
Sep 9Sep 9ESL SC Remastered Cup #4$24Europe OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGRussia  Lancerx
Sep 8Sep 8OSC SC:R Open #2$10019South East Asia OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Sep 8Sep 8Clan SK Weekly #9$5042 OnlinePeru  DandyChile  q8D
Sep 4Sep 4OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #3$3911South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireSingapore  Glow
Sep 2Sep 2ESL SC Remastered Cup #3$23Europe OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGUkraine  srkyct
Sep 1Sep 1OSC SC:R Open #1$1008South East Asia OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGAustralia  SenSei
Sep 1Sep 1Clan SK Weekly #8$5031 OnlineRussia  Skillz0rPeru  Mutita
Aug 28Aug 28OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #2$509South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireAustralia  SenSei
Aug 27Aug 27Defiler Tournament 83$9029 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  Bonyth
Aug 26Aug 26Clash for Char #2$75 OnlinePeru  DandyUkraine  Marwin
Aug 26Aug 26ESL SC Remastered Cup #2$23Europe OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGRussia  Skillz0r
Aug 25Aug 25Clan SK Weekly #7$10540 OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  Dandy
Aug 24Aug 24BaseTrade Remastered Open$10071 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanFinland  Arcneon
Aug 21Aug 21OSC SC:R SEA Weekly #1$125South East Asia OnlineAustralia  LegionnaireAustralia  SenSei
Aug 20Aug 20Clan SK Weekly #6$2027 OnlineSweden  NaugrimRussia  Dewalt
Aug 20Aug 20Clash for Char #1$0 OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGNorway  dr.shrinker
Aug 19Aug 19ESL SC Remastered Cup #1$23Europe OnlineRussia  DewaltPoland  Bonyth
Aug 18Aug 18Clan SK Weekly #5$2034 OnlineRussia  DewaltUnited States  Ty2
Aug 11Aug 11Clan SK Weekly #4$045 OnlineUnited States  Ty2Finland  [SK]ArcneoN
Aug 4Aug 4Clan SK Weekly #3$028 OnlineUnited States  Ty2 [Oops]_terran
Jul 29Jul 29Clan SK Weekly #2$08 Online CjTerry/GameOverUnited States  Ty2
Jul 28Jul 28Clan SK Weekly #1$030 OnlineUnited States  Ty2Chile  dM-Dragon
Jul 23Jul 23Defiler Tournament 81$7532 OnlinePoland  BonythBelgium  EOnzErG
Jul 23Jul 23Defiler Tournament 82$7521 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  G0rynich
Jul 2Jul 2Filthy BW Cup Weekly #12$1,000 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  true
Jun 25Jun 25Defiler Tournament 80$7530 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  Bonyth
Jun 25Jun 25Filthy BW Cup Weekly #11$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanHungary  Sziky
Jun 18Jun 18Defiler Tournament 79$7524 OnlineHungary  SzikyPeru  Dandy
Jun 18Jun 18Filthy BW Cup Weekly #10$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  Bonyth
Jun 11Jun 11Defiler Tournament 78$7526 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  Bonyth
Jun 11Jun 11Filthy BW Cup Weekly #9$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  Bonyth
Jun 4Jun 4Filthy BW Cup Weekly #8$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  Bonyth
May 28May 28Filthy BW Cup Weekly #7$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanBelgium  eOnzErG
May 21May 21Filthy BW Cup Weekly #6$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanBelgium  eOnzErG
May 14May 14Filthy BW Cup Weekly #5$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanBelgium  eOnzErG
May 7May 7Filthy BW Cup Weekly #4$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  trutaCz
Apr 30Apr 30Filthy BW Cup Weekly #3$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  trutaCz
Apr 16Apr 16Filthy BW Cup Weekly #2$10044 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Dewalt
Apr 9Apr 9Filthy BW Cup Weekly #1$10052 OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  Dandy


Dec 24Dec 24Defiler Tournament 77$10023 OnlineSouth Korea  BeastRussia  Dewalt
Jul 24Jul 24Defiler Tournament 76$7529 OnlineBelgium  EOnzErGPoland  TrutaCz
Jun 26Jun 26Defiler Tournament 75$15022 OnlineBelgium  EOnzErGPoland  TrutaCz
May 1May 1Defiler Tournament 74$10031 OnlineBelgium  EOnzErGPoland  TrutaCz


Dec 5Dec 5Legacy Cup 20$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzRussia  Djem5
Nov 28Nov 28Legacy Cup 19$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzGermany  remag
Nov 21Nov 21Legacy Cup 18$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzPoland  kogeT
Nov 14Nov 14Legacy Cup 17$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzSpain  eOnzErG
Nov 7Nov 8Legacy Cup 16$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzCroatia  dsaqwe
Oct 31Oct 31Legacy Cup 15$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzCanada  DragOn
Oct 24Oct 24Legacy Cup 14$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzCanada  dRaW
Oct 17Oct 17Legacy Cup 13$100 OnlineCanada  dRaWRussia  Djem5
Oct 11Oct 11Defiler Tournament 73$7535 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Lancerx
Oct 10Oct 10Legacy Cup 12$100 OnlineCroatia  dsaqweBelgium  eOnzErG
Oct 3Oct 3Legacy Cup 11$100 OnlineCanada  dRaWPeru  Dandy
Sep 26Sep 26Legacy Cup 10$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzRussia  Djem5
Sep 20Sep 20Defiler Tournament 72$19041 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanCanada  dRaW
Sep 19Sep 19Legacy Cup 9$10044 OnlineSpain  eOnzErGPoland  trutaCz
Sep 12Sep 12Legacy Cup 8$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzUnited Kingdom  Sacred
Sep 5Sep 5Legacy Cup 7$100 OnlineRussia  Djem5Belgium  EOnzErG
Aug 29Aug 29Legacy Cup 6$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzRussia  Djem5
Aug 22Aug 22Legacy Cup 5$100 OnlinePoland  trutaCzSweden  vOddy
Aug 15Aug 15Legacy Cup 4$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  spx
Aug 8Aug 8Legacy Cup 3$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanBelgium  EOnzErG
Aug 1Aug 1Legacy Cup 2$100 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  trutaCz
Jul 25Jul 25Legacy Cup 1$10035 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  trutaCz
Jun 14Jun 14Defiler Tournament 71$15038 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  trutaCz
May 31May 31Defiler Tournament 70$7535 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Djem5
Apr 5Apr 5Defiler Tournament 69$7531 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanHungary  Sziky
Feb 22Feb 22Defiler Tournament 68$7538 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPoland  trutaCz


Dec 14Dec 14Defiler Tournament 67$7044 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanGermany  Cryoc


Oct 13Oct 13Defiler Tournament 66$7051 OnlineHungary  SzikyPoland  trutaCz
Sep 22Sep 22Defiler Tournament 65$7054 OnlineHungary  SzikySpain  eOnzErG
Aug 25Aug 25Defiler Tournament 64$7056 OnlineHungary  SzikyUkraine  Marwin
Aug 18Aug 18Defiler Tournament 63$7035 OnlineKazakhstan  gargoyleBulgaria  TechnicS
Jul 7Jul 7Defiler Tournament 62$7052 OnlineHungary  SzikyNorway  Whistler
Jun 30Jun 30Defiler Tournament 61$7061 OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGSouth Korea  anfod
Jun 23Jun 23Defiler Tournament 60$7055 OnlineHungary  SzikyBulgaria  TechnicS
Jun 9Jun 9Defiler Tournament 59$7056 OnlineSouth Korea  NeegleSouth Korea  Weekly
Jun 2Jun 2Defiler Tournament 58$7071 OnlineSouth Korea  anfodHungary  Sziky
May 26May 26Defiler Tournament 57$7064 OnlineFinland  ArcneonSouth Korea  Neagle
May 5May 5Defiler Tournament 56$7067 OnlineHungary  SzikyPeru  TerrOr
Apr 28Apr 28Defiler Tournament 55$7064 OnlineHungary  SzikySouth Korea  anfod
Apr 7Apr 7Defiler Tournament 54$7059 OnlineSouth Korea  anfodHungary  Ace
Mar 31Mar 31Defiler Tournament 53$7066 OnlineSouth Korea  itzjyHungary  Sziky
Mar 10Mar 10Defiler Tournament 52$7070 OnlineSpain  eOnzErGUkraine  Marwin
Mar 3Mar 3Defiler Tournament 51$7060 OnlineFinland  NapoleonKazakhstan  gargoyle
Feb 10Feb 10Defiler Tournament 50$14078 OnlinePoland  TrutaCzSpain  eOnzErG
Feb 3Feb 3Defiler Tournament 49$7065 OnlinePoland  TrutaCzPeru  TerrOr


Dec 16Dec 16Defiler Tournament 48$068 OnlineSouth Korea  iops'sensePoland  TrutaCz
Dec 9Dec 9Defiler Tournament 47$7082 OnlineRussia  TamaBulgaria  TechnicS
Nov 25Nov 25Defiler Tournament 46$7070 OnlineBulgaria  TechnicSBelgium  eOnzErG
Nov 18Nov 18Defiler Tournament 45$7061 OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGUnited States  Michael
Nov 11Nov 11Defiler Tournament 44$7072 OnlineBulgaria  TechnicSItaly  Alfio
Nov 4Nov 4Defiler Tournament 43$7069 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanHungary  Sziky
Sep 16Sep 16Defiler Tournament 42$14056 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanBelgium  eOnzErG
Aug 5Aug 5Defiler Tournament 41$7047 OnlineRussia  DewaltBulgaria  TechnicS
Jul 15Jul 15Defiler Tournament 40$7037 OnlineRussia  DewaltGermany  Bakuryu
Jun 10Jun 10Defiler Tournament 39$7056 OnlineFinland  NapoleonBelgium  eOnzErG
May 13May 13Defiler Tournament 38$7069 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanSouth Korea  orz
May 6May 6Defiler Tournament 37$7067 OnlineHungary  SzikySouth Korea  Scan
Jan 29Jan 29Defiler Tournament 36$7056 OnlineHungary  SzikyChile  GoTunk
Jan 22Jan 22Defiler Tournament 35$7063 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanPeru  TerrOr
Jan 15Jan 15Defiler Tournament 34$7043 OnlineHungary  SzikyRussia  Bandy
Jan 8Jan 8Defiler Tournament 33$7039 OnlinePeru  TerrOrPoland  Choosy


Dec 4Dec 4Defiler Tournament 32$7052 OnlineSouth Korea  Scan Mr.Chi-City
Nov 27Nov 27Defiler Tournament 31$7044 OnlineHungary  SzikyGermany  Bakuryu
Nov 27Nov 27Defiler Tournament 30$7058 OnlineRussia  Pro7ectSouth Korea  Topstar
Oct 30Oct 30Defiler Tournament 29$70 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanRussia  Pro7ect
Oct 23Oct 23Defiler Tournament 28$7067 OnlineHungary  SzikyPoland  Mazur
Oct 9Oct 9Defiler Tournament 27$7081 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanGermany  Bakuryu
Sep 25Sep 25Defiler Tournament 26$7068 OnlineHungary  Sziky xO16Protoss
Sep 18Sep 18Defiler Tournament 25$7084 OnlineHungary  SzikySouth Korea  Scan
Sep 11Sep 11Defiler Tournament 24$7057 OnlineRussia  IdegelItaly  Alfio
Sep 4Sep 4Defiler Tournament 23$7051 OnlineRussia  Pro7ectPeru  TerrOr
Jun 5Jun 5Defiler Tournament 22$7060 OnlineUnited States  MichaelRussia  Ramms
May 24May 24Defiler Tournament 21$7056 OnlineGermany  BakuryuUnited States  Michael
May 15May 15Defiler Tournament 20$7044 OnlineHungary  SzikyRussia  Idegel
May 8May 8Defiler Tournament 19$7051 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanUnited States  Jumper
May 1May 1Defiler Tournament 18$7039 OnlineHungary  SzikyNorway  Whistler
Apr 24Apr 24Defiler Tournament 17$7042 OnlineHungary  AceRussia  Boom
Apr 17Apr 17Defiler Tournament 16$7039 OnlineHungary  SzikySouth Korea  Scan
Apr 3Apr 3Defiler Tournament 15$7049 OnlineRussia  TamaSpain  Zaraki
Mar 27Mar 27Defiler Tournament 14$7052 OnlineRussia  spxHungary  Ace
Mar 20Mar 20Defiler Tournament 13$7045 OnlineRussia  HemeRussia  Mamon
Mar 13Mar 13Defiler Tournament 12$7052 OnlineHungary  SzikyUnited States  Jumper
Mar 6Mar 6Defiler Tournament 11$7046 OnlineSouth Korea  ScanHungary  Sziky
Feb 20Feb 20Defiler Tournament 10$10032 OnlineHungary  SzikyRussia  Heme
Feb 13Feb 13Defiler Tournament 9$7054 OnlineBelgium  eOnzErGHungary  Ace
Feb 6Feb 6Defiler Tournament 8$7072 OnlineHungary  SzikySouth Korea  Scan
Jan 30Jan 30Defiler Tournament 7$7051 OnlineRussia  HemeRussia  Ramms
Jan 30Jan 30Defiler Tournament 6$7051 OnlineHungary  SzikyRussia  Heme
Jan 16Jan 16Defiler Tournament 5$7037 OnlineRussia  LancerxRussia  Ramms