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[e][h]Protoss White-Ra
Player Information
Алексей Крупник
Romanized Name:
Aleksey Krupnyk
November 15, 1980 (age 43)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Asus Summer 2006 Russia Championship 2006 WCG Ukraine 2007 JustinTV iCCup Invitational
????-??-?? — 2005-07-??
????-??-?? — 2006-12-??
2006-12-?? — 2007-05-??
2007-05-?? — 2009-01-??
????-??-?? — 2010-01-??
2010-01-?? — 2011-01-??

Aleksey "White-Ra" Krupnyk was a former Brood War player and member of mousesports.


Aleksey "White-Ra" Krupnyk was born on 15th November 1980 in Odessa, Ukraine. He started to study at Odessa Enviromental University, trying to become a oceanologist, however later switched to ecological law.[1] Krupnyk worked part-time as journalist for a Magazine Plus, a project of Ukraine's first cybersport channel in 2007[2]. In September 2010 he married his wife[3]. After the StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Beta the Ukrainian switched to Brood War's successor.

Brood War Career[edit]

White-Ra's career was one of Brood War's veterans, having already played in 1998. In his earliest days the Ukrainian mostly played random before settling to his later main race Protoss[4]. It took a while before he could finish higher in notable tournaments. In his country's WCG Preliminaries 2003 he finished first and thusly qualified for the main event. However, he did not survive the group stage in Seoul. In the same year he joined pro Gaming's international roster. Even though he was comparatively bad compared to his team mates, he could greatly improve in the next two years.

After pro Gaming's old Brood War squad was replaced by the members of Templars of Twilight in July 2005 Krupnyk joined the BossClub with many of his former allys. Many of the former stars of pro-Gaming retired(e.g. FiSheYe and Dashwriter), so there was room for a new generation of elite players. White-Ra took this opportunity and started to live up to his full potential in 2006. In May 2005 Krypnik was allowed to participate in ToT's Invite Tour. During this event he defeated the Terran newcomer Idra and the seasoned veteran Advokate, only losing to the dominating Draco twice. In August he won his first notable tournament: The Asus Summer 2006 Lan after defeating Russian's strongest Terrans. A month later he repeated this and won the WCG Ukraine again. In the WCG 2006 main event in Monza the Protoss had a relatively hard group but advanced as second. However, he lost in the Round of 16 to the progamer iloveoov.

In Summer 2007 Krupnyk repeated his achievements of the year before: He finished second in Asus Summer 2007, only losing to Advokate and won the WCG Preliminaries a third time. In the main event in Cologne he faced two quite strong opponents in his group: Korean progamer Stork and the Russian veteran Ex, whom he beat twice in the Asus events. However, he lost to the Russian and won over Stork under curious circumstances. Stork later admitted to have lost on purpose in order to avoid going up against another Korean in the final tournament too soon; this statement was not translated[5]. Despite this small scandal, the Protoss had a fairly good run, beating the Bulgarian eDDy and the Polish star Dreiven before losing to the former Chinese progamer Pj in the Semi Finals. He lost the next match against Mondragon for place three shortly afterwards.

In May 2008 White-Ra finished third in the Asus Spring 2008 offline tournament, losing to Strelok and Advokate. He also qualified for the first Teamliquid Starleague on place 11, survived the group stages, but eventually lost to Polish Draco in the Quarterfinals. However, since Krypnik was part of the famous team Meet Your Makers since May 2007[6], he was able to attend PGL Season 3, a large Chinese tournament. During this tournament the Ukrainian defeated several of China's finest, for example Pj and Chinattt. He eventually lost in the Semi-Finals against Fengzi and thusly finished on the third/fourth place. Backed up by this success the Protoss continued to fortify his position as elite player. In the GameStar League he qualified for the final tournament and lost to dominating Mondragon again. In November he faced the German Zerg again during the ESL Major Series Season 3. He advanced first from group stage, lost to Strelok, but fought his way back to the final again, only to lose to Mondragon a second time with a 0-4. Krypnik's year ended with a win in the New Year Championship in late December. He took revenge and beat Advokate, Notforu and Strelok.

In March 2009 Krypnik could qualify rather easily for the ESWC Cheonan. His first opponent in the main tournament was Idra, whom he beat with a 2-1. A round later he defeated Tossgirl with another 2-0. However, he lost in the finals against the American progamer. Back at home he won the Highlander Tournament in July. After winning the WCG Ukraine a fourth time in a row, he was able to attend WCG 2009. This time however, he did not survive the group stage. The Ukranian was invited to the International eSports Festival and travelled to Korea a second time in late October. This time he had to undergo a longer group stage, in which he had to face Korean idol Boxer, whom he beat. After advancing first from group stage he had to face progamer and Terror, to whom he lost with a clear 0-2. A second time he had to face American Idra in the game for the third place and lost with 1-2. Only a few days later the Protoss was invited to the SC Invitational. He had the argueably hardest bracket imaginable. He won over Draco (2-0), kolll (2-0), Mondragon (2-1), Haypro 3-0 and eventually defeated Mana with a 4-0. He continued to play strongly during TSL2's ladder stage and qualified on the fifth spot. His run finished again in the Quarterfinals, where he lost with a close 2-3 against Iefnaij.

White-Ra's last big tournament were the World Cyber Games 2010 in Los Angeles, for which he qualified after winning the preliminaries for a sixth time. He qualified for the final single elimination stage, but lost in the Quarterfinals against Polish Yayba.


  • White-ra was the target of face swaps on Teamliquid[7]
  • Gained a lot of popularity in China ever since his attendance in the PGL tournament. His nickname in Chinese is 白大媽 which translates into "White Nal_rA" given the similarities of their ID's and that his unpredictable and cheesy playstyle was reminiscent of those of Nal_rA's.[citation needed]


2009-11-051stMajorJustinTV iCCup Invitational4 : 3$700
2009-11-014thPremierIEF 2009IEF 2009
1 : 2-
2009-07-251stMinorHighlander Tournament4 : 2$1,000
2009-05-042ndMajorESWC Masters Cheonan1 : 3$3,000
2009-01-107th - 8thPremierPGL Season 4(2008-2009)PGL Season 4(2008-2009)1 : 2$731
2008-06-143rd - 4thPremierPGL Season 3(2008)PGL Season 3(2008)1 : 3$2,902.33
2007-10-074thPremierWCG 2007WCG 20070 : 2-
2007-08-252ndMajorAsus Summer 20070 : 2$400
2006-12-031stMajorRussia Championship 2006
2006-08-271stMajorAsus Summer 20062 : 1$670
Extended list of results
In Tier 2 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2010-08-15 1st WCG Ukraine 2010 2 : 1 Terran Strelok N/A
2009 1st Zotac Cup 36 3 : 0 Terran Tarson € 100
2009 1st Zotac Cup 33 3 : 0 Terran Strelok € 100
2009 1st Zotac Cup 18 3 : 1 Terran HoRRoR € 100
2003-?-? 1st WCG Ukraine 2003 W : L Random unknown N/A
Complete results in every tournament

Earnings Breakdown[edit]


Notable Games[edit]

Destination Ukraine Protoss White-Ra White-Ra beats Boxer, IEF 2009 Group Stage
South Korea Terran Boxer
Date: 2009-10-31
Patch: 1.16.1 VOD
Fighting Spirit Ukraine Protoss White-Ra Collection of FPVODs
World Random Various
Date: 2008-07-18
Patch: 1.16.1 VOD
Fighting Spirit Ukraine Protoss White-Ra TSL Round of 16 Set 5 - Liquipedia Game of the Day
Canada Protoss TT1
Date: 2008-02-12
Patch: 1.16.1 VOD