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[e][h]Terran WillyT
Player Information

WillyT is a StarCraft AI playing Terran. It is the successor of WillBot. It uses opening learning, but buildorders are not strictly fixed. It can adapt facing some common AI strategies like 4-pool, cannon rush or air unit strategies.


  • "Rush": Inspired by an old bot by Oleg Ostroumov, it does a hard push with at least 15 bio units and some scvs. Later it mixes bio and mech.
  • 1 Rax FE, mixing bio and mech
  • 1 Rax FE, mech units only
  • "Tonk": 3 Fac Expand, almost tank only. Move out very late. This build was specially designed to beat Stardust's original pure goon play.

Generally builds only Terran ground units, but also uses dropships for taking island expansion and drops.

A learning analysis can be found in this Steamhammer Blog Post: "AIIDE 2021 - what WillyT learned"


In Tournaments
Date Place Event Round Robin Elimination Bracket
2018-08 22nd AIIDE 2018 30.09 %
2019-01 39th SSCAIT2018 48.59 %
2020-01 26th SSCAIT2019 45.45 %
2020-03 4th AIST 2020 0 : 2 vs BananaBrain
2020-10 11th AIIDE 2020 29.44 %
2021-01 13th - 16th SSCAIT2020 67.27 % 1 : 2 vs Steamhammer
2021-03 3rd AIST 2021 0 : 2 vs PurpleWave
2021-10 6th AIIDE 2021 41.05 %