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Wind and Cloud

[e][h]Wind and Cloud
Map Information
변종석 (Rose.of.Dream.)
Jungle World
Spawn Positions:
4 at 1, 5, 7, 11
Competition Span:


Wind and Cloud is a four-player map that was commissioned by Sonic for use in the SonicTV BJ Starleagues and was designed by Rose.Of.Dream.[1]

Notable Features[edit]

  • Hills on both sides of the path from the natural expansions to the center. Containment can be performed from multiple directions with diverse paths of attack.[1]
  • Depending on respective player spawn locations, the high and low ground locations on the map allow for a variety of tactics to be used.[1]
  • Gas expansions reward a player with map control. Expansions are easy to take because of the narrow entrance leading to them, but losing control of the close hill will allow an opponent to put pressure on them. Strategic engagements on the high and low ground outside of the expansion are thus very important.[1]
  • The map provides features that favor each race in a unique way: ten mineral patches on the main benefit Protoss players, natural expansions surrounded by thin walls enable better Mutalisk harass by Zerg players, and the multitude of high ground locations benefit Terran players in battle.[1]
  • Rush times on this map are: 34 seconds for horizontal spawns, 28 seconds for vertical spawns, and 40 seconds for diagonal spawns.[1]


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