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Winter Solstice

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[e][h]Winter Solstice
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
3 at 1, 5, 9
  • 1.01


Winter Solstice is a remake of map (3)Tau Cross, by Rose.of.Dream.

The most obvious issue of the original Tau Cross is the lack of symmetry used for the northeast. The natural is very exposed from air. Another issue is the lack of an expansion with a choke, besides the third player's natural.

Rotational symmetry has been redone to be relatively more balanced for all positions. The airspace behind the natural mineral lines have been removed, due to the better effectiveness of mutalisks, shuttles, and arbiters. The droppable cliff by the geyser remains.

The fourth expansion is now high ground with a two isometric wide ramp, and has a geyser. To reduce the amount of gas, the third and fourth geysers have been lowered to 3000. These ramps are pylon-wallable with 4 pylons.

A new set of mineral onlies have been added in the center, to help expanding counterclockwise.

No unbuildable area has been added to the middle of the map.


  • 0.60
    • Added polar bears.
  • 0.70
    • Adjusted red choke position.
  • 0.71
    • Replace high terrain level in outpost wall
    • Increase walkable area for droppable outpost area.
    • Replace dirt doodads that would clip creep.
  • 0.73
    • Reorient 8 o'clock bridge.
    • Adjust low ground 3rd bases.
    • Adjust high ground 3rd bases.
  • 0.90
    • Revert Teal mineral line.
    • Widen area outside of red mineral only and 5 o'clock
    • Some unbuildable area added near bridges.
  • 1.00
    • Fix tankability of 1 o'clock gas.
  • 1.01
    • Reduce the amount of droppable space in the main bases.
    • Moved blue natural gas one tile to the edge, and added terrain to limit tankability from outside natural choke.
    • Rearrange trees to prevent too tight of corridors.

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Winter Solstice4553260.0%94544.4%93633.3%1732

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