World Cyber Games Challenge 2000: Qualifiers

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Any nation could send up to three players for any individual (1v1) game and up to two teams for any team game. This is the only restriction directly imposed by WCG, with the only other restriction being expense. Some nations may have more funding available and some may choose to concentrate more players into fewer games; it is the respective national organizer's prerogative.[1]


Each nation held its own national qualifier. Both the format used in the qualifier and the number of players sent to WCG are listed below. For detailed information about a qualifier, click the respective country's name.

Canada Canada[edit]

Qualified Players
Canada Protoss Grrrr...
Canada X'Ds~Smashe
Canada Kiwi

China China[edit]

Qualified Players
China Kwan Yi Sze
China Bryan Choo
China pby.csa 潘斌远 Pan Binyuan
China I.D EAT 吕傲丹 Lv Aodan
China kulou.csa 王银雄 Wang Yinxiong

France France[edit]

Qualified Players
France Terran ElkY
France Terran Chobo_fr
France Jean Fernand Setti

Germany Germany[edit]

Qualified Players
Germany Zerg Kalaschni
Germany Korn
Germany Rookie
Germany Kosh

Netherlands Netherlands[edit]

Qualified Players
Netherlands Terran NTT

Norway Norway[edit]

Qualified Players
Norway Terran sVEN

Singapore Singapore[edit]

Qualified Players
Singapore Chua Kok Chun

South Korea South Korea[edit]

Qualified Players
South Korea Zerg I.Love_Star
South Korea Zerg GoRush
South Korea Zerg Bassy
South Korea Terran RandomParkSa

Sweden Sweden[edit]

Qualified Players
Sweden Terran Daaman

Taiwan Taiwan[edit]

Qualified Players
Taiwan Kai Hsun Liu
Taiwan Brian Yu Chu
Taiwan Jung Chun Hung

United States United States[edit]

Qualified Players
United States Terran Whear
United States Daishi
United States Walshy
United States Sindread
United States PH-jester