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World Cyber Games 2005 - South Korea

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[e][h]WCG Korea 2005
League Information
South Korea South Korea
Prize Pool:
₩7,500,000 KRW
(≃ $7,262 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Players:
Protoss 3
Terran 5
Zerg 4


The WCG Korean National Preliminaries 2005 were held from August 16-September 25, 2005.

The top three players qualified for the WCG 2005 Grand Finals in Singapore.

Prize Pool[edit]

₩7,500,000 was awarded to the top finishers per the below distribution: [1]

Tournament Information[edit]


The Korean qualifying tournament was composed of 12 players in a Final Preliminary offline tournament from September 23-25, 2005.

To select the 12 final contestants, three routes were made available for entry:

  1. Six participants from an initial First Leg offline tournament composed of professional players[2][3]
  2. Four participants from an amateur tournament[4]
  3. Two participants (XellOs and Midas) with automatic births from their top two finishes at the WCG 2004 Grand Finals

For the professional tournament, 99 participants (excluding two absentees) competed for the six spots:

  • Round 1 group stage, where the top player in each of 12 groups advanced to Round 2
  • Round 2 elimination brackets, where the top 12 contestants well culled to the top six
  • All matches in Rounds 1 and 2 were best-of-three

In the Final Preliminary bracket, the format used was as follows:

  • 12 players in four groups
  • Group stage: round robin with top player advancing
  • Elimination stage: four top players from group stage play in single elimination bracket
  • All matches were best-of-three
  • All participants used a predetermined map for each round


AzaleaEstrellaGaiaParanoid AndroidForteNeo RequiemR-Point
AzaleaEstrellaGaiaParanoid AndroidForteRequiemR-Point
Three maps (Neo Forte, Neo Requiem, R-Point) were used during the Professional Leg qualifier while all seven maps were used during the Final Preliminary

Qualifier Selection: Professional Leg[edit]

Participants: Professional Leg[edit]

A list of all professionals participating in the Professional Leg offline tournament is below.

Protoss Protoss (24) Terran Terran (31) Zerg Zerg (43) Random Random (1)
South Korea Anytime South Korea ArtOfTerran South Korea 100prowin South Korea GGon
South Korea BrEEzE South Korea BoxeR South Korea aQua
South Korea DaezanG South Korea Canata South Korea BeJJeZerG
South Korea EJi South Korea Casy South Korea CCoMa
South Korea fOru South Korea Center South Korea Child
South Korea HoOny South Korea Cezanne South Korea ChoJJa
South Korea Junitoss South Korea ClouD South Korea Clon
South Korea Kingdom South Korea Control South Korea ELIZA
South Korea Much South Korea CuteBOy South Korea GGPlay
South Korea Nal_rA South Korea DoGGi South Korea Gon
South Korea Oasis South Korea Dongrae South Korea GoRush
South Korea Pusan South Korea Enfury South Korea H.O.T-Forever
South Korea Rage South Korea Festive South Korea JiHyun
South Korea RainBOw South Korea fOfy South Korea JJu
South Korea Reach South Korea FrOzen South Korea July
South Korea Rock South Korea Gloomy South Korea Junwi
South Korea Sia South Korea Goodfriend South Korea Liquor
South Korea SoO South Korea Hery South Korea Luxury
South Korea Stork South Korea Hwasin South Korea Max
South Korea TerAtO South Korea iloveoov South Korea )(Min)(Gu)(
South Korea TesteR South Korea Iris South Korea MuMyung
South Korea TT South Korea kOs South Korea NaDa
South Korea Vical South Korea Kuni South Korea Niza
South Korea Zeus South Korea Rhythm South Korea oDin
South Korea Sea South Korea OversKy
South Korea Sunny South Korea Rumble
South Korea Sync South Korea SaferZerg
South Korea TheMarine South Korea Saint
South Korea ToBeContinued South Korea sAviOr
South Korea ToSsGirL South Korea Shark
South Korea Yooi South Korea Shine
South Korea ShinHwA
South Korea Side
South Korea sigamari
South Korea Silver
South Korea SiR@SoNi
South Korea Siva
South Korea Stay
South Korea TheWinD
South Korea ToSky
South Korea YellOw
South Korea YellOw
South Korea ZergMaN

Result: Professional Leg[edit]

The Professional Leg was played by professional players in two rounds. The Round 1 group stage enabled the advancement of the top 12 participants into Round 2.

Round 1

Between eight to nine players were allocated to each of 12 groups for a single elimination format bracket until the lone winner of each group would advance to Round 2. For groups where nine players were present, an initial playoff was conducted, with the winner advancing to the full eight player bracket.

The final 12 participants advancing from Round 1 to Round 2 are as follows:

Advancing from Round 1 to Round 2
South Korea Terran BoxeR South Korea Zerg Jju
South Korea Terran Control South Korea Zerg July
South Korea Terran fOfy South Korea Zerg oDin
South Korea Protoss fOru South Korea Protoss Pusan
South Korea Terran Goodfriend South Korea Protoss Rock
South Korea Zerg iloveoov South Korea Terran Yooi

The detailed Round 1 results are presented below:

Round 2

After completion of Round 1, the final 12 participants competed against each other in Round 2 for 6 spots in the Final Preliminary

The players advancing from Round 2 are:

Advancing to Final Preliminary
South Korea Terran Control South Korea Zerg July
South Korea Protoss fOru South Korea Zerg Pusan
South Korea Terran Goodfriend South Korea Zerg Rock

The detailed Round 2 results are presented below:

Qualifier Selection: Amateur Leg[edit]

Participants: Amateur Leg[edit]

A list of all 32 amateur competitors participating in the Amateur Leg offline tournament is below. These 32 participants were selected from two online ladders.

Protoss Protoss (9) Terran Terran (5) Zerg Zerg (11)
South Korea BornToDogBaby South Korea PoLaris(Name) South Korea skrmake
South Korea Bisu(Shield) South Korea SpEcIaL(S.G) South Korea SuDaBoy
South Korea FanTaStic_NamOo South Korea N_eve_R South Korea Spirit-AnomiA-
South Korea Asusa South Korea scvbabo South Korea Ogogo
South Korea Sz.BestGod South Korea l(Es)l.MaRinE South Korea GG.kinmania
South Korea feerwea South Korea Kosiro
South Korea SohA(saM) South Korea Xian
South Korea Hirai(Name) South Korea Yuki_NT
South Korea SsuN(gm) South Korea MinseOk(3.33)
South Korea ZergBong
South Korea Y(GsP)

Result: Amateur Leg[edit]

The 32 amateur competitors would play to a final 4, who advanced to the Final Preliminary.

The 4 advancing players were:

Advancing to Final Preliminary
South Korea Zerg l(Es)l.MaRinE South Korea Zerg Kosiro
South Korea Zerg SuDaBoy South Korea Zerg Xian

Final Preliminary[edit]

Participants: Final Preliminary[edit]

A list of all participants in the Final Preliminary tournament is below.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
South Korea Zerg July* South Korea Terran Control* South Korea Protoss Rock* South Korea Protoss fOru*
South Korea Zerg Kosiro~ South Korea Terran Midas^ South Korea Zerg SuDaBoy~ South Korea Terran Goodfriend*
South Korea Protoss Pusan* South Korea Zerg Xian~ South Korea Terran XellOs^ South Korea Terran l(Es)l.MaRinE~

*: Qualified by Professional Leg
~: Qualified by Amateur Leg
^: Qualified automatically from WCG 2004 results

Result: Final Preliminary[edit]

The 12 participants first played in a round robin format group stage to advance the top player of each of the four groups.

These four remaining players then played a single elimination format bracket, with the top three players qualifying for the WCG 2005 Grand Finals.

Group Stage

Group 1 lrthread
1. South Korea Zerg JulyAdvances 2-0
2. South Korea Zerg Kosiro --Eliminated 1-1
3. South Korea Protoss Pusan --Eliminated 0-2
September 23-24, 2005
South KoreaZergJuly
South KoreaProtossPusan
South KoreaZergKosiro
South KoreaProtossPusan

Group 2 lrthread
1. South Korea Terran ControlAdvances 2-0
2. South Korea Terran Midas --Eliminated 1-1
3. South Korea Zerg Xian --Eliminated 0-2
September 23-24, 2005