Wuthering Heights

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[e][h]Wuthering Heights
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
4 at 10,2,4,8
Competition Span:
Apr – Aug 2008


Wuthering Heights was first introduced for the 2008 Shinhan Bank Proleague. The map's use was short-lived due to tremendous imbalance - out of the 150 times a player was sent to play on this map in Proleague, the teams opted for a Zerg only 5 times while a Terran was sent 113 times. Wuthering Heights was one of the four maps used in the 2008 Razer TSL.

Notable features[edit]

This map is notable for the fact that it contains four double gas expansions that are extremely difficult to defend due to the fact that they are all bordered by commonly passed high ground, and that they are very open on the opposite side.

Terran wall-ins[edit]


2 o'clock
4 o'clock
8 o'clock
10 o'clock


2 o'clock
4 o'clock
8 o'clock

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2011-10-01Kaal's International StarLeagueSneazel Protoss PolandSzikyHungary Zerg SzikyWatch VOD
2011-09-24Kaal's International StarLeaguePike Zerg PolandSneazelPoland Protoss SneazelWatch VOD
2011-09-24Kaal's International StarLeagueAce Zerg HungaryBakuryuGermany Zerg BakuryuWatch VOD
2011-09-24Kaal's International StarLeaguePro7ecT Terran RussiaSzikyHungary Zerg SzikyWatch VOD
2011-09-24Kaal's International StarLeagueKashu Zerg HungaryBibianeCanada Terran BibianeWatch VOD
2008-12-21Liquibition 25DinOt Zerg ChileIefNaijCanada Protoss IefNaijWatch VOD
2008-08-092008 Shinhan Bank Proleaguego.go Terran South KoreafirebatheroSouth Korea Terran firebatheroWatch VOD
2008-07-252008 Shinhan Bank Proleaguego.go Terran South KoreaCanataSouth Korea Terran CanataWatch VOD
2008-07-192008 Shinhan Bank ProleagueYoonJoong Protoss South Koreago.goSouth Korea Terran go.goWatch VOD
2008-06-0121:30 UTC2008 Razer TSLDraco Protoss PolandIefNaijCanada Protoss IefNaijWatch VOD


Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Wuthering Heights1612011955.0%25131252.0%43241955.8%154711