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[e][h]Protoss XIMP
Player Information

XIMP is a StarCraft AI, written by Tomas Vajda, a former student of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.


In the SSCAIT2014 XIMP placed second in the Ro42 round robin group phase, with equal points to the number 1, LetaBot. It was awarded second place because its creator, Tomas Vajda, wasn't participating as a student.

A one-trick Protoss, XIMP invariably walls itself in with cannons, after which it will send out groups of 4 Carriers accompanied by an Observer.


In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Category
2013 1st SSCAIT2013 1 : 0 Terran W.O.P.R. Student
2015-02-04 2nd SSCAIT2014 1 : 3 Terran LetaBot Mixed
2016-01-30 2nd SSCAIT2015 0 : 3 Zerg Killerbot Mixed