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[e][h]Zerg XiaOzI
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Teng Zhe
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
2001-??-?? — 2005-12-??
2005-12-?? — 2010-07-??

Teng "XiaOzI" Zhe was a Canadian/Chinese Zerg and former member of the Templars of Twilight. He retired from playing Brood War competitively after his team disbanded in July 2010


XiaOzi first played under the nick Timothy in the Spanish clan Fight Klub around 2001. After four years he joined the Templars of Twilight in December 2005[1]. In the first few years the Canadian was overtowered by the many more notable players of the Templar's roster, especially since the dominant trio Mondragon, Testie and SEn were used in most of the clan wars. XiaOzI contributed in wars as valuable team player together with his ally LJT. His 1on1 skill showed every now and then. In 2006's Pimpest Plays edition his play against the Greek Satanik was elected to the ninth place.

Following up this rare achievement the Zerg slowly built up a reputation as worthy 1on1 player for his team. In the first half of 2007 XiaOzI played a big role in the Templar's spree during the second Fragbet League. His overall record was 12-3 against the strongest international players, including two all-kills against Deutschlands Kranke Horde and the Czech Demolition Squad - which in turns meant he defeated a selection of the strongest Germans and Czechs without dropping a game.

It took XiaOzI two more years, until he eventually finished high in major events. The Zerg's form spiked in 2009. He won three of the small German Zotac Cups. Furthermore, he finished second in the For the love of the Game tournament, and took twice bronze in the Ansadi Starleague II and SC2GG Starleague respectively. XiaOzI lost in all three tournaments against the American IdrA, member of the professional Korean team CJ Entus.

The last tournament of his career was the second TSL. He dropped out in the Round of 16, after losing to IdrA again. XiaOzI retired from competitive play when the Templars of Twilight disbanded in July 2010.


  • Went to China before to try and get a WCG spot since Canada only used to have one.[citation needed]


2010-05-075th - 6thMinorWCG China 2010:Beijing QualifierWCG China 2010:Beijing Qualifier0 : 1-
2010-02-289th - TSL0 : 3$250
2009-12-302ndMinorFor the love of the Game0 : 4-
2009-07-189th - 16thMinorValor Starleague0 : 2-
2009-07-023rdMinorSC2GG Starleague3 : 2$50 Tournament Series
2007-05-112ndMinorWCG China 2007:Beijing QualifierWCG China 2007:Beijing QualifierL : W$391.66
2006-04-244thMinorIEF 2006:China - BeijingIEF 2006:China - Beijing
Extended list of results

Notable Games[edit]

Rush Hour Canada Zerg XiaOzI "The Art of Swarm", Place 9 of of Pimpest Plays 2006
Greece Zerg Satanik
Patch: VOD

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