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[e][h]Zerg yoda
Player Information
Alternate IDs:
Magister, Mafiaboss

yoda is a Russian caster and organizer and currently member of the clan Fire Resist Yoba.


Yoda is the organizer, webmaster and founder of the Russian Brood War portal In late 2010 yoda created the page to support the Russian scene and to promote the game.[1] He started to cast most of the Tournaments in December 2010 and later on covered nearly all of the Russian related events, like the Nostalgia League, some games of the Russian King of the Hill or Nation Wars from Altitude Nation Wars.

In 2011 he casted and organized more than thirty events, the Nostalgia League and his own show (Yodo Attack), often commentating for eight hours without break each Sunday. Although all of his casts are in Russian only and contain very few and broken English intermissions, yoda was able to gather a fan base. His commentary is usually both analytical and entertaining, due to his charismatic outbursts. He was awarded for the categories "best caster of 2012" and as "institution of the year" by ICCup.[1]

In addition to his work for the community, yoda is the leader and founding member of the clan Fire Resist Yoba, formerly known as FRee FRiends Russia.[2]. As player, yoda was never really successful. His style is very aggressive and very risky.


"I started as project two years ago, trying to prove that StarCraft-Broodwar is a game for ages, a game that appears to be an endless road of self improvement."

-fr)yoda about[1]


  • Yoda often calls himself "Mafia Caster" and explains all the prize funds of his tournaments would come from his shady underground business. That is reason that most Russians either call him 'Magister yoda' or 'Mafia Boss'.
  • Yoda's wife co-casts some of the games her husband is streaming. One of the more entertaining of her co-casts was during the fourth set of the match between Largo and Dewalt, where she was performing "My Heart will go on" by Celine Dion in Russian.[3]


2011-03-274thWeek. (Min.)Defiler Tournament 14Defiler Tournament 140 : 1-
Extended list of results
In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2011-03-26 2nd Perversion Tour 2 1 : 3 Terran spx $10

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