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[e][h]TerranProtoss Yu
Player Information
Juan Cuaila O.
July 28, 1995 (age 28)
Yuang, Yuang_28, YuSC

First showmatch


Juan "Yu" Cuaila O. is a commentator for StarCraft in Spanish, who casts daily on Trovo/YouTube important tournaments such as ASL, ASTL or BSL.

Yu started streaming on Facebook Gaming, on October 11, 2019, various games and also StarCraft II playing as zerg.

In early 2020, he started playing streaming StarCraft Remastered campaigns sporadically.

In September 2020, he was contacted by the Khala StarCraft community to narrate a couple of games from his games at BWCL 51, from there he began a deeper study of the game, strategies, slang, maps, tournaments and much more, finding classes by Professor Deathfate and video tutorials by Jan.

On December 27, 2020, he was able to broadcast his first showmatch (Style3a (P) vs. Lee.Pumaedong (Z)/Bo5), due to this showmatch the StarCraft community took it more into account.

In 2021, the Khala StarCraft community, together with NDS (project company), joined organization and sponsorship to develop the first national league in Peru (Perú StarCraft League), for which they called him to broadcast and Cast his first major tournament on the 16th. from January. 2021, from then on his activity as a StarCraft caster and streamer has been 100% consolidated until today.


Channel Organization[edit]

ID Name Position
Peru Yu Juan Cuaila O. Founder/Main Manager

Detailed Broadcasts[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2024-04-27PremierASL Season 17ASL Season 17StarCastTV Spanish Commentator
2023-12-03MajorBombastic StarLeague 17Bombastic StarLeague 17Spanish Commentator
2023-10-15PremierASL Season 16ASL Season 16StarCastTV Spanish Commentator
2023-04-28PremierASL Season 15ASL Season 15StarCast TV Spanish Commentator
2023-03-26MajorBombastic StarLeague 16Bombastic StarLeague 16Spanish Commentator
2022-10-09PremierASL Season 14ASL Season 14StarCast TV Spanish Commentator
2022-08-14PremierRCG 2021RCG 2021Spanish Commentator
2022-04-09PremierASL Season 13ASL Season 13Starcast TV Spanish Commentator
2022-01-09PremierASTL Season 3ASTL Season 3Spanish Commentator
2021-11-07PremierASL Season 12ASL Season 12Starcast TV Spanish Commentator
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