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[e][h]Zerg ZZZKBot
Player Information

ZZZKBot is a StarCraft AI, written by Chris Coxe. It uses BWAPI as an API for interacting with Starcraft: Broodwar.

Based On[edit]

ZZZKBot was written from scratch (was not based on any other bots).

Starcraft/BWAPI-related 3rd-party Libraries Used[edit]

Doesn't use any 3rd-party bots/frameworks/wrappers/libraries/modules apart from BWAPI.

AI Techniques[edit]

  • A multi armed bandit online learning algorithm for opening selection.
  • A simple greedy distance-based distribution of workers to mineral patches.


  • It is designed to compete against other bots. It is not designed to compete against humans.
  • It competes in AIIDE and CIG bot-vs-bot competitions.
  • It is a later version of ZZZBot after it was renamed from ZZZBot to ZZZKBot in October 2015.


  • 4 pool. Default build.
  • 1 hatch speedling build.
  • 1 hatch hydra rush.
  • 2 hatch (i.e. macro hatch) muta.
  • 1 base guardian.

The 4 pool, speedling and hydra rush builds normally transition into 2 hatch (i.e. macro hatch) muta (otherwise 1 base guardian). All strategies always eventually transition into 1 base guardian. Never expands (for any build).

From AIIDE2017 onwards, ZZZKBot uses the results from past games for an opponent to decide which strategy to try the next game against that opponent.


In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Category
2015-09-02 A11st CIG2015 Win %: 81.03 Full game. Note: named
ZZZBot not ZZZKBot
2015-11-17 A22nd AIIDE2015 Win %: 87.83 (officially announced as a statistical tie for 1st place), lost 0:2 vs Protoss Djem5 in man-vs-machine games Full game
2016-01-30 A44th SSCAIT2015 0 : 2 Terran Stone. Win %: 84.44 (i.e. 4th) in round robin phase, Elimination phase: lost 2:1 vs Zerg Killerbot in Semifinals, lost 0:2 vs Terran Stone in Bronze match Mixed division
2016-09-23 A44th CIG2016 Win %: 53.08 (4th) in final phase, 69.18% (7th) in qualifier phase. Note: weak because outdated (submitted old AIIDE 2015 version) Full game
2016-10-14 A22nd AIIDE2016 Win %: 85.05 Full game
2016-12-18 A44th SSCAIT2016 0 : 2 Terran Iron in quarterfinals. Win %: 88 (i.e. 4th) in round robin phase Mixed division
2017-08-24 A11st CIG2017 Win %: 82.06 Full game
2017-10-09 A11st AIIDE2017 Win %: 83.11 Full game