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Zerg Counter to BBS

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[e][h]ZergZerg Counter to Barracks Barracks Supply
Counter Information
Starcraft: Broodwar

The Terran Barracks Barracks Supply build is an extremely fast rush, but if the Zerg can counter it, he will have a significant advantage. Due to its timing, the Zerg almost always must choose his opening build before knowing that he is facing BBS. Because BBS is an all-in build, you can gain a large advantage simply by defending. Though the best counter is a 9 Pool or Overpool, it is difficult but possible to counter after 12 Pool or 12 Hatch.



Defense Tactics[edit]

After 9 Pool, 9 Pool Speed or Overpool[edit]

These builds are all fairly aggressive themselves, so they are natural counters to BBS. You should produce only Zerglings until you are able to repel the Terran's attack. If he attempts to retreat and transition to a macro game, he will be left very vulnerable to a counterattack or have a far inferior economy. If he persists by sending Marines one by one, continue to build Zerglings and research Zergling Speed. You will be economically ahead of him without expanding. If the BBS is built in a proxy location, Zerglings can often run into an undefended main, dealing severe damage to the Terran's economy.

After 12 Hatch or 12 Pool[edit]

In order to defend, you will need to pull drones. Speedlings are a strong counter. His contain will be weak once he stops producing Marines, allowing you to either destroy it or run by.



9 pool speed countering a BBS