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Zlasher Bracket

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A Zlasher Bracket is a very easy bracket in an RTS tournament competition. It stems from American WCG USA Brood War player Michael "Zlasher" Chan who made it to a final four of an online qualifier for WCG USA in 2010 during the 5th online qualification tournament for StarCraft: Brood War. He would later receive an invite to the Finals as a result of this final four appearance but had to decline due to school obligations.


During the 5th WCG Online Qualifier for StarCraft: Brood War, Zlasher had a first round bye, took a walkover over a player in round 2, was found to be matched against a Canadian player in round 3 who was subsequently disqualified from competition (WCG USA Qualifiers being for Americans only),[1] played a D- rated player in the ro16 in the 4th round and took another walkover in the ro8 over an abruptly retiring Ranged.[2] This has been found to be the easiest road to a final four in over 10 years of Brood War WCG qualification history.

This was Zlasher's biggest accomplishment in his Brood War career. It resulted in him having better 2010 WCG results than other WCG USA mainstays CaucasianAsian and Slog4, who both failed to make a final four in any qualifier in 2010.

Zlasher was later invited to participate in WCG USA finals at Universal studios in Hollywood California due to other players not being able to participate. He had to decline participation due to not being able to travel cross country because of school obligations.


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