Ørdo Equitum

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[e][h]Ørdo Equitum
Team Information
Arturo "KingArthur" López
Team Captain:
Miguel "Aiur" Moreno
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

Ørdo Equitum begins on July 5, 2014 with the team of StarCraft 2, which starts as an amateur team this video game. Today the team already has teams of League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone


  • August 28, Cham leaves the team.[1]
  • July 5, The team is created

Player Roster[edit]

Roster at time of disbandment[edit]

ID Name 2015 2016 2017 New team
ecEcuador z DanBelnK Daniel Jácome - - - ZZZZZ
veVenezuela t Demonizer () Guillermo Lunar - Challenger League 9 - 12th Copa_America_2016/Season_2Copa_America_2016/Season_3 - ZZZZZ
mxMexico t HorroR Cory Sosa - - - ZZZZZ
mxMexico z Kumm Alfredo Gutierrez - - - ZZZZZ
mxMexico p Jusseppe Javier Romo - - - ZZZZZ
mxMexico z Nolk Saul Aguilar - - - ZZZZZ
mxMexico z TRiLoBiT Diego Valdes - - - ZZZZZ
veVenezuela z Vicius Pite Lam - - - ZZZZZ


ID Name New Team
brBrazil p Tonho Marco Antonio Dos Santos Celestial Wolves
pePeru z Kuyzz Israel Lazo Psionic Aftermath
veVenezuela p ThuNdeR Jorge Zambrano Next Gaming
coColombia p AsusWing Andres Garcia FØX Gaming
clChile z BrEnDaN Juan Manriquez FØX Gaming
veVenezuela z ByRada Alexander Valbuena FØX Gaming
mxMexico p Pacomike Francisco Rodriguez FØX Gaming
usUSA t Skyler Barny Yu DuSt Gaming
usUSA t AegiS Charles Versaw DuSt Gaming
usUSA z starkiller John Puchalski DuSt Gaming
mxMexico t RoRro Oscar Romero Next Gaming
mxMexico z Cham Pablo Cham Blanco ROOT Gaming


ID Name Position
Mexico KingArthur Arturo López CEO & Founder
Mexico Aiur Miguel Moreno Founder, COO & Captain
Venezuela Demonizer Guillermo Lunar Captain SC2
Chile Rockmuse Rodrigo Rojas Moderator
Venezuela Vicius Pite Lam Analyst SC2

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result Prize
2016-04-03 3rd DuSt League Season 2 Ørdo Equitum 4 : 1 Team Gravity $50