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1/1/1 All-In 10 min timing (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Banshee Opening into 3/1/1 Timing Attack
Strategy Information
Harass, All-in, One Base
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Known as the "1/1/1 All-in" by most. Opening with either a Two Rax Marauder Push or a Cloak Banshee opening to harass a Protoss fast Nexus (2) opening.

Terran then masses as many Marines (off of 2-3 Barracks) as possible and pushes with 2-3 Siege Tanks at a timing when Protoss can only have Colossus (1) finished. The Banshees and Siege Tanks target fire Colossus and Sentries while Marines position for a few offensive Bunkers that can either contain Protoss on one base or destroy Nexus (2); and then goes home and double expands or something drastic that makes the game unrecoverable for Protoss that will only have one push timing left before the game is un-winnable.


Pressure or Harass into a mass-Marine and Siege Tank push.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Use first four Marines to repel early Stalker/Zealot harass, if this does not work for you wall-off or Bunker is fine.
  • Some prefer to open with a Raven but this is what Protoss scout for mainly with this timing attack, also will more than likely skip Stalker production for Zealot and warp them if they survive the attack.
  • Banshee and Cloak will delay Siege Tank production, it may be preferable to skip Siege Mode.


  • Twilight Council: Charge Zealot is the counter, and if the Twilight Council is scouted by the Banshee harass, cut workers and attack sooner.
  • 1 Gate FE or Nexus first: Becoming a popular response to scouting an early Bunker, switching to a 2 Rax Pressure-based Bunker rush is preferable.


  • Two to three Siege Tank only: Tanks and Banshees to target-fire Sentry then Stalker, target Marines to Immortal and try to keep Siege Tanks alive.
  • Banshees and Marines: Keep them coming and retreat if the number of Marines fall below half the force you came with.


  • 4 Gate or early pressure: Two Bunkers, go straight for Siege Tanks and Mode to repel the attack. Add Bunkers as needed and go for a Raven first timing attack instead as a 4gate has enough Stalkers already.
  • Lots of Zealot with Charge: A hard counter to this build normally. Bring half the SCVs from minerals, swap Starport to Reactor (1), put the SCVs on auto-repair and hold position in front of the Zealots. Zealots will not target SCVs on attack-move and they will act as a wall-in the way. Also Bunker the closest Nexus when close enough.
  • High Templar or Archon: Sometimes complete in time, if the Terran takes too long to attack. Target with Marines; Tanks and Banshees have normal targets of Sentry > Stalker.