1/1/1 into 3 Rax MMM+ Pressure (vs. Protoss)

[e][h] Cloaking Field Opening into 3 Rax Stim Pressure
Strategy Information
1/1/1, Harass, Tech
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A 1/1/1 variation used, very often, by Empire.Happy on any macro maps that would normally see a 1 Rax FE (TvP) from Terran. This build came into the limelight at the same time as the 1/1/1 All-in and can cause the common misread from a Protoss player expecting a mass-Marine + Siege Tank.

This build instead transitions into a fast MMM+ Vikings transition that can cause major disruption to a Colossus-based army. As such this build is better in a "Best of X Series" of matches or against an opponent that would expect the mass Marine transition instead.


Use Cloaking Field-Upgraded Banshees to force Protoss to produce Stalkers and keep Observers at home to defend from Banshees and buys time for a fast Bionic + a Fast Expand as well.

Build Order[edit]


  • Produce Marines to (4) to fill Bunker (1).
    • Place the Bunker on the high ground so it is closer to SCVs needed to repair it.
  • There is a slight cut in Marine production, after Factory (1) starts, to get Refinery (2) out quickly.


  • 13 Scout - Checks for Gateway (1) and check Assimilator timings and how many.
  • 24 Hellion scout - Confirms fast Nexus (2) build and number of Gateways not being alarming
  • 6:20 - Banshee hits the opponent and is basically a free scout until the Stalker count is too high to catch Protoss off guard effectively


  • Keep Banshees close to a ledge to give you more ground to work against Stalkers.
    • Banshees are faster than Observers, so just retreat when fired on.
  • Happy also tends to hit Sentries, if left vulnerable.


  • Army production will not be high enough to do more than pressure a Protoss just starting Colossus or High Templar production; so a fast third is not recommended until army production is ahead.