111 Expand

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[e][h] 111 Expand
Strategy Information


An opening with one Barracks, Factory and Starport started as quickly as possible. Vespene Gas is spend on one Reaper, otherwise all Gas is spend on buildings.


Scouting is very important in LotV. Reaper, Hellions and early Banshees are perfect tools to scout and harass your opponent. Semper plays this opener vs Beastyqt.

DeMusliM plays this build against Stephano expanding a little earlier (33 Supply). He builds Medivacs and Tanks to scout and harass the Zerg.

Basic Build Order[edit]

This BO is similar to a WoL opening named 111.

111 Expand
  1. Send SCV to scout
  2. Build CC on low ground if possible


  • You should scout for Cheese with Reaper and Hellion
  • If no Cheese (All-In) is coming, build the 2nd CC on the low ground


Reaper, Hellions and Banshees are all great tools for harass and Scouting.


Replays and VODs[edit]

A Replay vs AI:

Though no Youtube videos are available, ForGG played this BO against Zerg and Terran[1].

Canada  Semper Beastyqt opens with Reaper and a fast CC on the high ground. Semper has map control (Reaper, Hellion, Banshees) and therefore can build his CC on the low ground.
Serbia  Beastyqt
Date: 2015-05-16
Patch: 2.5.2 VOD
United Kingdom  DeMusliM This game is a TvZ, but the build is similar. DeMusliM builds 2 Medivacs and 2 Tanks to harass Stephano with Siege-Tank-Drops. He accidently kills his own tank due friendly fire.
France  Stephano
Date: 2015-04-09
Patch: 2.5.x VOD
Canada  Semper Similar to his game vs Beastyqt. After Semper builds a Banshee and Cloak, he builds a Widow Mine.
Canada  MaSa
Date: 2015-09-09
Patch: 2.5.5 Replay