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1 Factory Hellion (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]TerranReactor Hellion Expand
Strategy Information
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This build focuses on getting fast Hellions to both harass and safely expand. Used effectively by qxc in the vT tournament. Good way to open up a Mech game.


Doing whatever harassment is possible, but mainly delaying the Zerg's forces while you grab an early expansion. Because of the nature of the Hellion, they should be used (if possible) to harass drone lines as well as Zerglings if the situation permits.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • As you are only building 2 Marines, be sure to keep an eye out for early Zergling aggression so you can send SCVs to repair in time.
  • Build the Factory close to the Barracks as you will float it to its add-on.
  • Build the Command Center in-base so you can float it out upon securing safe passage.
  • Try to harass with any and all Hellions you have. Rally in new Hellions as you build them.
  • Build the Orbital Command add-on before moving the Command Center out of your base to play safe.
  • As you are playing Hellion-heavy, the Pre-Igniter should be the first Tech Lab upgrade you get. Although Hellions are not too effective versus Roaches, you should be able to successfully kite them until Siege Tanks are out.
  • This is a good build to transition into full Mech. As you do not need the Barracks for production, float it out to scout and save some scans.


With proper adaptation into Mech this build should be good versus any non-rush opening. Scout Spawning Pool and Expansion timing to contention and you can even pull the SCV back, save it to repair the Hellions, or use it to delay his expansion. Any one-base builds should be met with delaying the Command Center to prepare proper counter measures.


As you expand you need to keep his forces at bay with your Hellions. Pay attention to his forces and control your Hellions correctly to ensure safe passage of the CC, while ensuring a Siege Tank or Armory/Thor follow-up to fend off the Zerg's next weapon of choice.

As you are expanding do not be afraid to use a scan and add Hellions/Tanks/Thors as you see fit - making an army composition to counter his.


Mech play is not the only possible way to transition from this build. Instead of a second Factory you can build more Barracks and start Bio production.


As you are initially depending on your wall for defense, a small ramp is really beneficial. As a transition into Mech play is a viable follow-up, any map beneficial for Mech will make this build all the better.


qxc vs Strifecoe on Steppes of War - Qxc uses this build in the vT tournament.