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1 Gate Gasless Expand (vs. Zerg)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]Protoss1 Gate Gasless Expand
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This build allows the Protoss player to get a very fast expansion whilst also allowing for a faster Cybernetics Core timing than a Forge Fast Expansion (vs. Zerg). The subsequent threat posed by both Stalkers and possible Warpgate timing-attacks forces the Zerg player to invest in Metabolic Boost before being able to take their third Hatchery, significantly stunting their economy.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • 9 Pylon[1]
  • 13 Gateway
  • 17 Nexus
  • 17 Pylon
  • 18 Gas
  • @100% Gateway: Zealot, Cybernetics Core
  • 23 Zealot
  • @100% Cybernetics Core: Warpgate Research
  • 27 Stalker
  1. Scout with the Probe that builds this Pylon.


  • If you scout that your opponent is going for a gas-based opening then be weary of Speedling, Roach or Baneling all-ins.
  • If you scout that your opponent is going for an early-pool then you need to buy time for your first two Zealots to finish with good Probe/Zealot micro. Try to make sure that Zerglings don't snipe any important Pylons as losing power to your Gateway will likely spell the end of the game.

4 Gate Transition[edit]

If your opponent attempts to take an early third Hatchery then you should execute a fast 4 Warpgate timing-attack in order to kill it. This is as the opponent won't be able to get Metabolic Boost finished fast enough to aid their defence, significantly weakening their defensive forces.

  • Constantly chorno your warp gate and push out with your 2 Zealots and Stalker
  • Add your second gate at around 5:00
  • Add your third and fourth gate at around 5:30
  • Make a proxy Pylon and keep your initial units near a cliff so you don't get surrounded.
  • Warp in Zealots, never warp in Stalkers because if he does have speed during your push then you are screwed.
  • 6:20 2nd gas
  • 6:30 forge
  • 6:50 3rd gas
  • When aggression is over, build a robo


  • If the Zerg is playing Stephano style (4:20 hatch, 6:00 double gas) then he can't have speed until 9 minutes
  • If Zerg goes for quick gas with 4:20 hatch but you don't know you can still do this build. Just be careful and start pumping economy, retreat, make a robo, make Sentries.
  • All ins are a bad follow up even if you do significant damage. If most of your army is kept alive take your third at around 9 minutes. If there were exchanges, take it at 10.

Macro Transition[edit]

Alternatively if your opponent does not take an early hatch and instead takes a hatch after 4:20 but before 5:00, it means he went for a gas. Since he went for a gas, you cannot do the four warp gate build but however you want to make it look like you are doing it

  • 5:00 gate
  • 5:30 forge
  • all four gases after 6 minutes but before 7
  • +1 attack
  • 7:00 robo
  • 7:30 2 gates
  • 9:00 third


  • You push out with your initial units and build a proxy Pylon. To a Zerg this will look like you are doing a four gate build but in fact you are doing a macro build. The Zerg will sometimes over react and build a lot of units, therefore putting you ahead in economy.
  • Put you forge where they can't see it easily, if the Zerg sees your forge then they know you aren't going to be aggressive.
  • Personally when my robo is finished, I like to go for obs, obs, Warp Prism. If Zerg is being aggressive then build Immortals of course.
  • You can also immmortal all-in instead of taking a third with this build.
  • Sometimes the Zerg may cancel the hatchery and decide to all-in you, so be careful!


What do I do when Zerg does a proxy hatch strategy?[edit]

Usually you will have to cancel your nexus and your cybercore. Try to wall off your ramp and kill the hatchery with your Zealots

I tried faking the push but my opponent was doing the Stephano style and I ended up being very behind.[edit]

This strategy is kind of a mind game strategy.

If you do the push and your opponent has speed then you are slightly behind

If you do the push and your opponent does not have speed then you are in good position because you can deal a lot of damage.

If you fake the push and they build units and have speed then you are in excellent position.

If you fake the push and they build only a few units and do not have speed then you are behind.

So generally you need to trick your opponent into doing what you want.


Protoss DoctaD 4 gate vs delayed gas My position is strong.
Zerg tGRyan
Date: 2012-03-08
Patch: 1.5.1 Replay
Protoss Alucard Macro vs Stephano style My position is weak in the mid game
Zerg EGIdra
Date: 2012-03-08
Patch: 1.5.1 Replay
Protoss Alucard Macro into Immortal all-in
Zerg ROoTVibe
Date: 2012-03-08
Patch: 1.5.1 Replay