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1 Rax FE

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[e][h]TerranOne Barracks Early Expand
Strategy Information
Opening, Macro, Defensive


Gasless fast expands, also known as 1 Rax FE or Rax-CC Build is the standard safe opening for maps with a ramp to the main from the natural, i.e. every single map so far. So, one Bunker can defend both the natural Orbital Command and main base's ramp at the same time.

This means with a Wall-Off the opponent cannot charge up the ramp without taking a decent amount of fire from the Bunker. If the SCVs are being attacked retreat them to the Bunker or add another, if you so wish.


Take advantage of the expansion to gain Economy, the quickest and safest way.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Gasless Early Expand


  • @21 Supply - Go for either Barracks (2) (3) or Refineries (1) (2) for Bio+Bunkers til Medivacs and Stimpack or Refineries for a fast Factory (1), which can lead into Mech.
  • To make this build a bit scary, some folks Wall-Off with fast Supply Depot (2) and Marine (2) or place the Command Center (2) in the main, instead right at the natural as the opponent would expect, if the opponent has not scouted your main base yet.
    • To scare the opponent into playing more safely against fast-tech builds or at least has to scout again for Orbital Command (2) with army units


  • Make sure the opponent has expanded before your Orbital Command (2) has finished to make sure you are not getting rushed. If you are, another Bunker would do well.


  • Bunker Placement: With one Bunker the ramp can be placed in range of the main entrance and Wall Off the top to completely negate rush builds from any easy damage to either the Wall-Off or the Bunker.
    • For wider chokes at the natural these can be covered by two Bunkers and walled off with either Barracks, Supply Depots and/or Engineering Bays depending on the best SimCity for that particular map.


  • Rax-Double CC has been a popular counter to Nexus, Command Center and Hatchery First builds, or standard fast expand builds that cannot pressure with an attack, this gives Terran a macro-CC for the extra MULEs and SCV-production that will put you way ahead economically.
  • Gas First 1/1/1 and Two Rax openings are the exact oppose that are for rushing and attacking with tech quickly but if you do not do damage to your opponent's worker count you will be behind a fast expand.