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1 Rax FE (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Terran1 Rax FE into 3 Rax Stim + Reactor Starport
Strategy Information
Harass, Quick Tech, Army Lite


With a 1 Rax FE opening Terran's early game map presence is forfeit until either Stimpack finishes or Terran has enough Marines to overwhelm Stalkers at the front of the base; usually four Marines per Stalker. But, Terran is still weak to Warpgate-pressure until Stimpack or Marauders are finished.

This build is the de-facto standard and is expected from Protoss, so unless doing something unusual like Double Expand build, Terran has to rely on making better decisions than Protoss, for example: when to expand and when to add extra army production.


The standard TvP opening for fast Medivacs for drop-harass. Opening with three Barracks and Stimpack with the first 100 Vespene Gas, and Factory with the next 100 Gas. Terran can get out Medivacs for dropping 16 Supply of army in the opponent's main and attack the enemy's natural with the rest.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Gasless Early Expand


  • Place Command Center (2) on the low ground as soon as the opposing scout as left the base or Marine (1) finishes and can chase it off, you can also block it inside the base; but do not let it scout Command Center (2) to keep the opponent in the dark.
  • Do not build any more Marines until Supply Depot (2) finishes.


  • Protoss does not have many distinct opening that are difficult to manage, when scouting properly so the correct choices are usually the obvious ones.
  • No Expansion by 7:00, one base Tech or all-in, two or more Bunkers and an Engineering Bay in-case of Void Rays or Dark Templar. Cover your mineral line and Add-Ons as these are the likely targets if Protoss is not going for a frontal push.



The build then branches off the build into two slight variations, fast Engineering Bay for Infantry Weapons Level 1 or quick Marauder production. Marauders will give Terran map control until Warpgate finishes, and then Protoss simply has better production mechanics; and Terran needs Medivacs to make up for this. Terran also needs a fast Refinery (3) to afford Medivacs and the Add-Ons.

With fast Engineering Bay, Terran has some timing attacks against fast-Forge and Colossus builds, but has to stop once Extended Thermal Lance is complete and which to Medivac-Harass, instead so Terran can retreat. But, Terran is stuck on mainly Marine production until the economy catches up around the Starport finishing.

Another possibility is to be extremely greedy and follow the initial Barracks and Bunker with a third Command Center before adding any additional infrastructure. This indicates a preference to play for the long game, and is much more susceptible to a range of Protoss all-ins, including 4-gate, Blink, and Immortal busts. The general follow up to a quick 3CC play is to get the second and third Barracks, double Refinery immediately afterwards, and tech towards Stim and Medivacs as quickly as possible. The traditional midgame timings will be delayed slightly, but the economic boost you get will provide an opportunity to get ahead in upgrades and infrastructure, provided you can stay safe.


  • Arcane (P) vs EmpireHappy (T) Fast Ghost Variation to counter Sentry heavy opening of Protoss
  • IEM Season Seven, ForGG vs JYP, Game 1 & Game 2, JYP goes for a straight 4-Gate in Game 1 and in Game 2 changes to a fast Three base build after scouting the 1 Gate FE (vs. Terran); and JYP goes for a 7 Gate Colossus All-in. These are the two, most common, stock standard all-ins that Terran needs to learn to hold against.