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1 Rax FE into 3 Rax Stim

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[e][h]Terran1 Barracks Fast Expand into 3 Barracks Stimpack Push
Strategy Information
TvT, TvZ, TvP
Popularized by:
[[MarineKing, Polt]]


After a 1 Rax FE Terran techs up to Barracks (3) as quick as possible, getting as many Marines as economically permissible and spends all of Terran's gas to make this push as damaging as possible.

This aggressive style of 2 mining bases worth of Marines and upgrades was popularized by players like MarineKing and Polt and disregards army size in favor of delaying the opponent's tech by forcing army production.

This is an alternative to the fast Orbital Command (3) openings of macro-style Terran's like Bomber and Kas.

The current Stimpack-rush in the basic build describes the fastest pressure attack possible within the scope of this build. But Combat Shield can be researched first, to delay Stimpack to time it better with Infantry Weapons Level 1 and later, but bigger, push time.


1 Rax FE into mass-Marine push out for map control and trade the army armies targeting the more expensive units; or use Medivac-drops to split up a bigger army

Basic Build Order[edit]

Gasless Early Expand

This build is a basic as the resources come in, so just relax and spend the minerals and gas as they come in.


  • Only Bunker (1) should be needed at the natural unless the enemy is going all-in.
  • Use Scanner Sweep on the opposing main @6:00+ as this is a timing before many fast tech builds have matured enough to make defences-based off.
  • Flash has shown this is his build of choice in his early TvP's in SC2. With good micro and positioning this 3rax+Medivac timing can be very difficult for the Protoss to deal with especially if the Terran finds a way to fight in a favorable spot or the Protoss miss-forcefields.


Push out on the map once you have Medivacs, push out on the map to threaten drop harassment, even if you are not planning to, take a fast third base and adding up to 6-7 Rax is the powering option to simply mass Bio to try and overwhelm the opposing


  • Distance is one of the biggest factors for whether to push with 2 or 3 base economy. But pushing out onto the map, at least to mid-way is crucial for stopping a lot of all-ins and rushes.