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1 Rax Marauder (vs. Terran)

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This article may be outdated due to a patch requiring Supply Depot before Barracks
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[e][h]Terran1 Rax Marauder
Strategy Information


This is a safe opening designed to start the early game with a Marauder. The Marauder will stop an early Reaper harass and allows you to transition to most TvT builds.


Getting a Marauder to stop potential Reaper harass and transition to the early-mid game.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • The Barracks should not be built to wall off in TvT. This can leave your Barracks vulnerable to Siege Tanks or Banshees which are a direct counter to Marauders.
  • A scout should be sent on the 7th or 8th SCV.


Elaboration on the scouting: What do you need to pay attention to?

  • The amount of gas taken/SCVs on the gas.
  • One gas could indicate a 1 rax Reaper expand or the common 1/1/1 variants.
  • second gas around 15/16 will indicate siege first, Banshee or BF Hellion rush
  • The number of Barracks - 2rax or 1/1/1


Given no Reaper harass, you should scout their second production building. Depending on whether they are building a second Barracks or are starting a Factory, respond accordingly against either Bio or Mech.

If they build more than one Reaper to harass, they have spent too much time and resources on them and you will be ahead. Queue additional Marauders to their base. You should be able to win at this point.


  • This build was used in the early days of WoL when Reaper-opening tactics were commonly used. The Reaper was then nerfed substantially and this tactic became less common.