2011 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1: Group A

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Jupiter League[edit]

  • Named Jupiter League because Thursday is the Day of Jupiter in Korea.
  • One match per week in the first half of the Group Stage.
  • Two matches per week in the second half of the Group Stage.
  • Group Stage matches will be Best of Seven.
  • Ranking will be decided using the following factors in order:
Number of wins > Number of set losses > (if two teams have the same number of wins and set losses, the winner of their head-to-head match will receive a higher ranking) > Number of warnings received


Group A
1. Team SCV Life 5-0 20-7 +13
2. MVP 3-2 15-15 0
3. Prime 2-3 13-14 -1
4. oGsTL 2-3 14-17 -3
5. F.United 2-3 11-17 -6
6. SlayerS 1-4 13-16 -3

Green background color = Will advance to playoffs
Pink background color = Eliminated from playoffs
White background color = Still has a chance to advance to playoffs
Bold Numbers x-x = Matches Won-Lost
Non-bold Numbers y-y = Games Won-Lost


Week 1[edit]

SlayerS 34 MVP

Week 2[edit]

Team SCV Life 41 Prime

Week 3[edit]

MVP 43 oGsTL

Week 4[edit]

SlayerS 24 Team SCV Life

Week 5[edit]

Prime 34 oGsTL

Week 6[edit]

SlayerS 24 Prime

Week 7[edit]

Week 8[edit]

Week 9[edit]

Week 10[edit]